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Six MORE Ways To Improve Your Reputation Online!

11. Video

Online video catalogs amazingly well on Google - its probably the best content you can put out there. Why does video catalog so well? Heres the reason: if you wanted to learn to dance, what would be the best way to do it? Read a dancing book or watch a dancing video? Right. Theres a revolution happening in how people learn and its because of online video. So, if you want to come up well under the search Sarasota Plastic Surgery make a video about Sarasota plastic surgery, talk about your amazing practice and have testimonials from your happy patients. The best way to control your reputation is to create really cool content that catalogs well and presents you in the best possible light.

12. Industry sites

When you buy or use technology and services there is usually a certain amount of market


Five MORE Ways To Improve Your Online Reputation

6. Create news

This is a classic PR idea. Large and reputable news sites trump almost every other site in terms of search engine placement and overall value of a link back to your site. Theyre important resources, people go to them for information and Google treats them as such. You should focus on creating newsworthy events and then getting them out to the news sources because this information catalogs extremely well. If youre going to do anything, try to make it newsworthy. Seminars are newsworthy. Events are newsworthy. Saving peoples lives or changing peoples lives is newsworthy. What better way to tell Google youre a prominent Sarasota plastic surgeon than to be featured in the Sarasota Herald Tribune with a link back to you? Google sees the geographic relevance and the significance of the source and catalogs you accordingly.


Five Ways To Improve Your Reputation

1. Your website

You should have a strong website. The thing that catalogs best, thats going to occupy the most spots in the search engine is your proprietary website. Before you do any advanced reputation management strategy like Facebook and LinkedIn you MUST have a strong website. Your website will come up great on the search engines. You will control all the content. If you write a blog or have information that changes on your website, it will catalog at a very high level. Its the first step to controlling your online space. If you dont have a good website, that is absolutely the place you need to start.

2. Domain names

how do you refer to a website? You call it Google or Yahoo! or GoDaddy.com - you refer to it by the domain name. The domain name is, from a search standpoint, the title of the site. Its a good idea to


Five Kinds of Negative Search Results

1. Negative Websites

An unhappy patient or a patient with a bad result can set up a negative website. This site catalogs extremely well and is an extremely relevant result on searches for you. Expect a negative website to take a prominent position on searches for your name. Also expect it to be protected by the first amendment unless you can prove slander or libel. The most famous case of a negative website is baddentist.com which spent 5 years cataloging all over the place in the Manhattan market before it was finally taken down. What is the best defense against a negative website? Get positive info out there NOW not after the fact. Communicate with unhappy patients - dont let it get to this stage because were finding its very difficult to deal with once it gets this far.

2. Squatters and Incorrect Information

This negative result is when a


Managing your online reputation - The four types of search results

1. Good results

These are great - good reviews, directories, your website, Facebook, etc... This is what you want and every good result occupies a search spot that is going to be difficult for negative information to replace.

2. No results

No results isnt a great result because all sorts of things can go on; youre not controlling your online space. It means no one else has started controlling the space. In fact, theres very few doctors with no results even left out there. No results means you need to get out there and think about how to improve and control your results.

3. Indifferent results

There are many sites that are just endless lists of doctors and addresses and they come up pretty darn well under searches f


Five reasons you need reputation management

1. Control your results before someone else does.

When someone searches your name, you want positive information to come up. A search for your name can be filled with third party review sites, directories, incorrect information... all sorts of things. There are only 10 results on the first page of Google - make sure youve got positive information out there.

2. Perception is reality.

When a patient researches you they do it online. Those first results define you within your market. That means 10 great results could really help out your practice. We want to have people come back and say, This guy is the best doctor Ive ever run across. That would be the best result.

3. Positive reviews = positive patient impression

At some point, everything is going to have online reviews. People are going to expect positive reviews. A patient is goin


Nine Types Of Practice Advertising

1. Websites - You can have more than one website. Websites behave as the hub of your marketing. They can be the most robust brochure your practice can ever have. A website can have hundreds of pages, photos, video, intake forms, documents, .pdf files. Its clearly where medical marketing is headed... A website is something that you own and with no printing cost. Search engine optimization is critical for most websites to get the traffic the need.

2. Pay-Per-Click - Advertising on the major search engines under specific keywords. Can be expensive. Can be time consuming. Needs to link to a well thought out web page. Can be up to 20% false clicks.

3. Facebook -
Pretty advanced. You should have a great website if youre going to get into social media. Great way to build up lists of people in your market and people who want your services. Facebook Is a great content management system and can be in


Six Common Medical Advertising Mistakes

1. Low quality.

If youre purporting to be an amazing, world class cosmetic surgeon you probably shouldnt cheap out on your marketing. What emotions do low quality evoke? Right. Not the ones you want. It is extremely difficult to sell a high end product with sloppy, weird or home cooked marketing. You expect your patients to seek out a qualified professional. You should do the same thing.

2. Too broad.

This is the reason you dont advertise in People magazine. You would be paying too much for that broad reach. Its why many markets are too big for tadio and TV advertising. Medicine is geographically driven. You wont pull from neighborhods and communities that are too far away. Many mediums require you to pay a premium to reach patients that are beyond your pulling area.

3. Frequency too low.

If youre running radio, a month is probably not l


Seven Medical Copywriting Secrets

1. Write great headlines.

People dont read copy, they scan it. Advertising great David Ogilvy said 80 cents of your advertising dollar is spent on the headline. Good headlines bracket the copy and get read much more. Spend 80% of your energy on the headlines.

2. Use you and your in the headline.

if you put these words in your sentence it becomes more urgent and spoken more directly. It creates stronger emotion which creates stronger copy.

3. Create emotion.

Medical advertising is not about the procedures, its about the way you feel after having them done. emotions are motivators. Trust, fear of pain, comfort, and pride, are just a few emotions that create powerful feelings in the reader. If you want people to remember it evoke an emotion.

4. write like you talk.

If you want to sell tractors


Six Ways To Improve All Your Medical Advertising

1. Is it clear?

listing all your procedures is not a great advertising campaign. when you strip an ad down to its core, it only needs a strong concept and a strong design. if its not clear what your message is, you should pull the junk out until it gets clear. You should have one big overriding idea running through your ad.

2. Is it memorable?

A lot of times this comes down to the design. Great photography is memorable. Powerful headlines are memorable. Amateurish design is not memorable. Theres so much going on in any kind of advertising format its critical you stand out. Look at your ad and think, whats the takeaway? Why are they reading this? What are they supposed to do?

3. Check the grid.

The grid is a design term for the invisible lines that hold the ad together and makes the elements line up properly. Bad advertising often lo