Six MORE Ways To Improve Your Reputation Online! By SEO Admin on December 01, 2010

11. Video

Online video catalogs amazingly well on Google - its probably the best content you can put out there. Why does video catalog so well? Heres the reason: if you wanted to learn to dance, what would be the best way to do it? Read a dancing book or watch a dancing video? Right. Theres a revolution happening in how people learn and its because of online video. So, if you want to come up well under the search Sarasota Plastic Surgery make a video about Sarasota plastic surgery, talk about your amazing practice and have testimonials from your happy patients. The best way to control your reputation is to create really cool content that catalogs well and presents you in the best possible light.

12. Industry sites

When you buy or use technology and services there is usually a certain amount of marketing that comes along with it. Make sure youre aware of it. Make sure their marketing points to your site. Corporate sites are typically pretty old, typically pretty respected, pretty big... a link is only going to help your overall search position. If the site has a directory of doctors, its a slam dunk. People you spend money with are good places to control your reputation online.

13. Associations

Medical associations, institutions and other entities tend to be respected and their websites catalog very well. For instance: if youre a dermatologist you should have a good listing in the American Academy of Dermatologists site. A link to your website from a respected source tells the search engine a lot about who you are and what you do. If you attend the association meetings you should be on the association website.

14. Local sites

If youre a member of the Chamber of Commerce you should link it to your website. It does two things: First, it comes up under searches for you on that website itself. Second, it really helps telling Google who you are and what you do. Much of reputation management hinges upon what comes up in the first ten spots under local searches.

15. Events

News catalogs well. Its time sensitive, its easy to promote and write about. Great medical practices think about their business in terms of events, timelines and seasonal promotions. Time sensitive information makes sense for social media too.

Some ideas for events:

- Seminars
- Night of Beauty
- Spa Day
- Whitening Giveaway
- Summer Special
- BOTOX Party
- Open House

16. Directories

If you see a directory cataloging well in your market you should get in it. No brainer. Directories like DocShop, have created huge sites built with search engine optimization in mind. Patients come through the directory. A directory listing occupies a spot on Google with your name, address, and phone number. If a directory site comes up on the first page of a search you want to be on then get in it. Theres only ten spots; each of them has value.

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