Generate Your Best Patients
Through Search Engine Marketing

If the Internet is not the #1 source of your practice’s new patients, it is time to reassess what you are doing...

Let’s Work Together to Grow Your Practice

Einstein Medical’s data-informed eIQ SEM strategies are designed to do one thing and one thing only…. make you money (without the smoke and mirrors that other marketers employ). By partnering with Einstein, you can (Each of the following bullet items should include icon/graphic to depict as well)

  • Attract ideal patients from your area that are ready for surgery
  • Grow your business and your bottom line consistently year over year
  • Do more of the procedures you love to do
  • Focus on the things that matter most to you 
  • Have a profitable business (instead of an expensive hobby)
  • Work with a true business partner and consultant
  • Increase your marketing ROI

Ultimately, we help our clients achieve every doctor’s dream: qualified leads turning into happy, satisfied patients. If that sounds good to you, contact us today, and we can get started.

We Work with the Best So Should You

Make Data Work for You Ambassadors to the World's Data

We’ve remained at the top of the game for over 25 years for one simple reason: we collect, analyze, and understand the data.

Our data-based approach to promoting your practice is built on strong relationships with leaders in digital marketing and database technologies. We work hand-in-hand with innovative companies like Airtable, CallRail, SearchMetrics, and SEMRush, many of whom have invited us to speak at their own internal meetings and conferences.

While other marketing companies take shots in the dark, we combine cutting-edge software with deep industry knowledge to turn potential patients into paying patients. If you are ready to experience measurable growth through a data-informed marketing strategy, get in touch with us today.

How Do We Create Optimal Internet Strategies?

We Know Your Industry

Einstein Medical has led the way in digital marketing for elective healthcare providers for over two decades. Unlike other marketing firms, we can speak intelligently about the procedures you perform, the services you offer, and the technologies you use. On top of that, we know how to meet the unique marketing challenges that you face as a medical professional.

We Know Your Ideal Patient

What is the key to designing the optimal internet strategy? Knowing every detail of your ideal patient’s internet persona. Anyone with a Google Analytics account can look at basic demographic data, but it takes experience to know what signals to pay attention to and which to ignore. Einstein algorithmically pinpoints patient signals in a sea of internet noise. This is the Einstein Magic that allows our team to distinguish your ideal patients.

We Are Always Data-Informed

Since before Google was the dominant search engine, we have been measuring our clients’ performance online and gathering data about what works and what doesn’t. We have used this data to create the eIQ engine, an AI-powered database that recommends the most effective marketing strategy for your practice.

Laminar Symmetry

Our mission is to make your business more visible, accessible, and profitable through data-informed marketing strategies.

A Personal Touch

Every one of our clients is assigned their own Client Success Manager, a knowledgeable professional who will work with you to design your marketing strategy and grow your practice. 

Our CSMs believe in treating you just like you treat your patients. They’ll take the time to get to know you, your practice, and your goals. Plus, they’ll keep you updated on the performance of your strategy and share data-informed insights with you, so you’ll always know how well our services are working.

As you start seeing more leads generated by your online presence, we’re confident that your CSM will become more than just a contact. They’ll become your friend and trusted advisor.

It’s Time to Fire Up Your Modern Marketing Machine

Step 1: Start with a fast, technically-SEO-tuned, mobile-first platform

You need a strong base that provides the foundation for a great Google page experience. That base is Einstein’s Forever Websites 3.0, our latest and greatest content management system.

Forever Websites 3.0 allows our team to create and manage websites that load quickly, convert readily, and exceed the standards of every modern search engine. And of course, they look beautiful too.

Step 2: Get on page one with advanced SEO and Einstein’s Premium Content

If you’ve consulted with any digital marketers before, they’ve probably told you that you need “content” on your website in order to appear in search engine results. However, having “content” isn’t enough in today’s internet arms race. If you really want more phone calls and emails from quality patients, you need Einstein’s eIQ SEO and Premium Content model.

Premium Content is designed to provide a strong Google page experience that keeps searchers engaged and produces higher-than-average conversion rates. Our world-class team of agency experts creates stunning pages that consistently rank in the top Google search engine results. When we get to work on your custom-made premium content, we will...

  • Analyze data in your specific market
  • Emphasize page experience and user engagement
  • Incorporate structured data for increased search engine ranking
  • Utilize artificial intelligence to track performance

Step 3: Amplify your strategy with intelligent and focused paid advertising

Paid Advertising won’t fix a broken strategy; it will only double-down on what is failing. Don’t spend your dollars sending traffic to poor pages. Work with our SEM experts to intentionally place ads in the right place at the right time with the right message.

Our SEM team can design and manage a paid media campaign in tandem with your SEO strategy with a focus on maximizing your return on investment. Of course, you can trust that we are always analyzing the latest data and tweaking our strategies to make sure that our approach to paid advertising is as successful and cost-effective as possible.

Step 4: Create branded media to build and promote your best asset

Brand recognition and amplification through SEM is essential to long-term success and internet profitability. 

Einstein will partner with you to optimize how you own, promote, and build your brand. By investing in professionally produced videos, photography, and virtual tours, you can take your conversion strategy to another level and allow potential patients to get to know you before they ever pick up the phone.

Step 5: Continuously adjust your strategy through AI-driven reporting and data attribution

When you work with our team of master consultants, we will know every detail about every visitor that has ever hit your site. Plus, we will know everything about every potential patient that has reached out to you. Best of all, we will show you how all these pieces fit together so we can fine-tune your internet strategy or ROI engine. 

As we constantly adjust your strategy and gradually add more fuel to your marketing machine, your ROI will increase exponentially, and you’ll be able to grow your practice beyond your wildest dreams.

Let’s Get Started on Your Marketing Mix

Which approach to digital marketing is the best for your current budget, as well as your short-term and long-term goals? It’s not a question of whether you should, (A) create high-quality content that will rank organically, or (B) invest in pay-per-click campaigns to see instant results. The question is, WHEN - because you need to do both.

Our experts will design a multi-faceted program that will help you monopolize search engine performance and attract your ideal patients. How far do you want to push the throttle?

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The Sky’s the Limit

Our goal is simple: we want you to brag about how your partnership with Einstein has...

  • Brought you more of your ideal patients 
  • Empowered you to hyper-focus on the surgeries you love to do
  • Enabled you to open up new locations and expand your team
  • Allowed you to focus on a once seemingly unattainable personal passion project  

You already have the skills and training to change your patients’ lives. The trick is to get those patients in your waiting room. That’s where we come in. Leverage Einstein’s expertise so that you can focus on your expertise.

We believe that when you work with our team to optimize your digital marketing strategy, the sky is truly the limit for your practice. If you agree, contact us today.

Einstein Medical

For over 20 years, Einstein Medical has been meeting the digital marketing needs of elective healthcare professionals around the world. We are constantly improving our products to stay up-to-date with the search engines, help patients find you, and increase your lead generation.

We work closely with some of the most respected medical providers in many fields, including: 

  • Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Optometry 
  • Ophthalmology 
  • Dermatology
  • Bariatric Surgery

Speak with our team of experts by calling us at (858) 459-1182. You can also send us a message online.

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