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Five Secrets for Writing for the Web - Screencast

Great content doesn't grow on trees (or in content farms) it's written by great copywriters. These are some tried and true rules to make your headlines pull, your body copy better and your points more poignant. Check out this screencast to learn 5 secrets to get you and your team writing faster and smarter on your website, blog, Facebook and more.


Three Secrets of Writing for Social Media


Writing quickly and well is critical to a social media campaign. Check out these simple tricks for generating better content for your practice.


Facebook Mini Sites Drive Impressive Traffic


Thinking about a Facebook Mini Site? We're seeing more and more traffic come through Facebook. Check out this infographic explaining the elements and benefits of a mini site...


RECORDED WEBINAR - Social Media For The Medical Practice

Social media is becoming a huge patient source for many practices. learn how to set it up and get your practice going online. It's a great tool for connecting and networking with patients. 


Five Ways To Manage A Social Media Campaign

  1. Secure your name on the social media sites.

We know this has a huge benefit for search engine optimization. We know LinkedIn currently comes up number one under searches for people on it. We know that Twitter, whatever you may think about it, has a big search engine benefit. You should go out, button up your practice name, plant your flag, and then come back. Do it before somebody squats on it. Do it on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It doesnt take long. We know that is going to have a long term search engine benefit. You will be more easily found. Period.

  2. Always start and point back to your website.

Whatever marketing craziness you cook up on the web, make sure youre ALWAYS pointing back to your website. Your website is your core property. Your website is your home. You own your website. You dont ow  


Six Types Of Practice Assets For A Social Media Campaign

Learn the secrets to getting your practice assets together - digital photos, testimonials, content, video, and more. It's the first step of any online strategy and a great departure point for your practice marketing.


Five Ways To Build Your Network With Social Media

The bigger your network is, the more people youre going to touch, the more of their friends youre going to touch, the bigger your list of prospects is going to be. Building a list of opted in local people is a hugely valuable thing for any business - especially a medical practice.

  1. Start with your staff and actual friends

Your real friends and your actual staff are the core of your network. If these people dont believe in your practice you need to rethink what youre doing in the first place. All of your staff should be able to access your practice Facebook page. The instruction should be: Dont do anything embarrassing. In general, have fun with it. Be cool. Create a conversation. Your team should be perceived by the public as being excited about the practice and a part of something exciting.

2. Have events


Facebook publishes definitive guide for businesses

A guide to using Facebook for businesses has recently been published at the Facebook site. While much of the information may seem like common sense, it's a good guideline to keep practices from wasting a bunch of time online.


Social Media For Your Practice Webinar Helps Practices Worldwide...

Our most recent webinar was met with great reviews. From SEO to reputation management to list building techniques this webinar covered all the bases for our clients and friends. Check out what your peers had to say and check the Einstein Medical Blog for more the recorded version coming soon.


Social Media and Search Engine Optimization


Facebook is currently the worlds most trafficked website. As search engines and social media evolve its pretty clear that these pages will play a greater and greater role in optimization strategies. Were finding that Facebook and social media pages are akin to building little versions of your website in other places and sometimes theyre generating a ton of traffic.

Social media usually sends a link back to your proprietary site. This helps create a credible inbound link for your practice site. Also, if someone calls you from a Facebook page about your practice, or if they call you from your webpage about your practice... who cares? Were trying to generate traffic and calls! They can get your phone number from a bathroom stall (this is known as stall optimization). Its really all about visibility and traffic.

Facebook is also an effective way to build a list of people in yo