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Local Search - How to Catalog Better through Google Places (Screencast)

Local Search is becoming huge. Searches with geographic qualifiers (like "Los Angeles plastic surgery") are being sent to a map results page and map results are being dictated more and more by Google Place pages. Check out this emerging technology and learn how to improve your practice placement...


Screencast: Google Local, Maps and Places Changing Playing Field of Search

Local search and Google places are constantly changing and evolving. Check out how Google is using Google Places and map results to completely change the playing field of local search. This really applies to the medical practice and how they come up on the major search engines.


Website and SEO Audit (Recorded Webinar)


Learn to evaluate and audit your SEO strategy. From programming to Google Places we give you the tools to evaluate your site in this webinar.


Facebook publishes definitive guide for businesses

A guide to using Facebook for businesses has recently been published at the Facebook site. While much of the information may seem like common sense, it's a good guideline to keep practices from wasting a bunch of time online.


Google Revamps Places Pages - Pushes Yelp and Other Review Sites Off The Places Results

The importance of 3rd party review sites seems to have become less important... Google has raised the prominence of Google Reviews and dropped the relevance of 3rd party sites like Yelp and DemandForce. What does it all mean? We're probably going to be pursuing Google Reviews more and looking for 3rd party links less. Granted, links still help SEO but looking forward Google links seem to matter the MOST.


Reputation Management Webinar A Hit With Practices Around The World...

This topic continues to be a hot button in every market. Online reviews and social media are only picking up steam. Hear what the attendees thought about this groundbreaking webinar.


Webinar Attendees Learn Valuable Skills To Improve Their Search Engine Ranking

Check out what doctors and staff think about our SEO webinars. Good stuff...


Two Things You'll Need To Get Serious About A Social Media Campaign

1. Content-managed website

If you cant easily log into your website and add information youll need to get that piece in place ASAP. A content managed website makes your life so much easier. Ever tried to track a web developer down on a Sunday? Its impossible... theyre playing World of Warcraft. If your website was content managed, you (or even better, your loyal staff) would just log in and add your newest case or newest promotion. A content managed website can even feed this new information to social media channels... without any additional work! This is a huge benefit and radically increases the scope and reach of your website. A content managed website just makes it very easy to keep your website current. Its an absolute prerequisite to getting serious about social media.

2. E-mail list and delivery system



Seven Types Of Social Media And How To Use Them

1. Your Website

The definition of social media is any broad based publishing platform where groups of people share information. Your modern practice website should have this functionality. You and your key staff should be able to easily update and keep your website fresh. News, your newest cases, events and other time sensitive info should be posted on your website. Your website is the command and control center of your whole web strategy. If your website doesnt have this functionality dont bother doing other types of social media until it does. Unlike other social media channels you OWN your website and work you do on it has a lot of value. Your website is clearly the starting point for any discussion of social media.

Bottom Line: You need a content managed website that connects easily to social media channels

2. Facebook


Five Secrets For Responding To Negative Criticism


  1. Stay cool.

Think, what would the Fonz do? Then do that. Its just not the end of the world. Nobody bats a thousandpeople understand you can get bad reviews. You can improve. You can work on this. You can make it better. Dont freak out. Theres not that much competition under your name. You can get good information out there under your name. Most reputation management issues start with a search for your name and you dont like the result. Your whole practice is not going to crumble. Youre going to be able to take care of this.

  2. Dont get defensive and respond online.

Some people are just ragers; theyre just angry people. Dont get sucked into communicating online with someone. Its a dead end. Youre just giving the thing legs and fanning the flames for the search engines to pick up on a