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Five MORE Ways To Grow Your Social Media Network

  6. Industry partnerships If you just bought a million-dollar LASIK laser, the manufacturer is probably pretty fired up on you using that thing. They probably also have a pretty sophisticated web strategy going. If you leverage your technology to help your website, youre going to get a lot of traction and visibility. It also gives you really cool stuff to write about. Technology is an excellent selling tool. In general, who youre using technology-wise can have a very big benefit for your network. Make sure you look at their web pages. You should say when you buy technology for your business, I want you to link back to my website. Use these industry partnerships to grow your own strategy. 7. Traditional advertising

Point your print to your facebook page. talk about your events and promotions. Its easier to build an opted in l  


Digital Photography And Case Presentation For The Medical Practice is "The Best Einstein Webinar Yet!"

much good advice on effective photography for marketing the practice - really good!


I came in last, but just the small amount that I observed provided me with some great resources. Very impressive! Einstein webinars are setting the standard for medical/dental webinars!

Dr. Joe Ontiveros
Spring, TX

Lots of good photographic technique that is independent of equipment and was easy to understand - great course and did a good job of describing what we need clinically and how that is different from what patients need emotionally.

Dr. John Paul
Lakeland, FL

Learned how to make the light settings better for better photos. A


Digital Photography


DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY Learn how Digital Photography can help your practice.


Three Secrets To Writing For Social Media

1. Fun, personal, and engaging

Social media requires a short and immediate writing style. You want to talk in an intimate, friendly voice. This is basically true in all advertising - you should write in the voice of the people. The less you sound like a term paper, the better. You should write in a way thats warm and makes you appear friendly rather than distant and aloof.

In general, the more your writing says things like, Good luck, Wish you the best, Happy Friday, the more likable you become. This style tends to get read the most. It also tends to convert the best. In general, you want to keep it light. Youre trying to create a connection. Err on the side of having fun with it.

2. Create value

Unfortunately, very few patients understand or care about your board certification. However,


Two Things You'll Need To Get Serious About A Social Media Campaign

1. Content-managed website

If you cant easily log into your website and add information youll need to get that piece in place ASAP. A content managed website makes your life so much easier. Ever tried to track a web developer down on a Sunday? Its impossible... theyre playing World of Warcraft. If your website was content managed, you (or even better, your loyal staff) would just log in and add your newest case or newest promotion. A content managed website can even feed this new information to social media channels... without any additional work! This is a huge benefit and radically increases the scope and reach of your website. A content managed website just makes it very easy to keep your website current. Its an absolute prerequisite to getting serious about social media.

2. E-mail list and delivery system



Introducing Lucid CMS: A Better Way to Make Websites


  A Content Management System for Humans Today I am proud to introduce a new way to build a website, we believe a better way.

Over a year ago our product development team code-named the project Lucid, and for good reason. In one word we had a vision of what we were trying to accomplish. It only made sense to follow that vision and publicly brand and market the product as Lucid.

The dictionary defines lucid as: expressed clearly; easy to understand
showing ability to think clearly, esp. in the intervals between periods of confusion or insanity
The thesaurus likens the word to: intelligible, comprehensible, understandable, cogent, coherent, articulate; clear, transparent; plain, simple, vivid, sharp, straightforward, unambiguous
We believe that at its core, our Lucid CMS  


Seven Types Of Social Media And How To Use Them

1. Your Website

The definition of social media is any broad based publishing platform where groups of people share information. Your modern practice website should have this functionality. You and your key staff should be able to easily update and keep your website fresh. News, your newest cases, events and other time sensitive info should be posted on your website. Your website is the command and control center of your whole web strategy. If your website doesnt have this functionality dont bother doing other types of social media until it does. Unlike other social media channels you OWN your website and work you do on it has a lot of value. Your website is clearly the starting point for any discussion of social media.

Bottom Line: You need a content managed website that connects easily to social media channels

2. Facebook


Upcoming Webinar JAN 27, 2011 - Digital Photography and Case Presentation For The Medical Practice

Your work is your best tool to create patient confidence, showcase your talent and convert new patients. Yet, many practices take terrible photos of their best results. This Einstein Webinar focuses on taking better pictures of your work and presenting those photos in the best possible light.

- Learn secrets of taking portraits not mug shots
- Learn lighting and camera techniques for the best possible results
- Learn to create sideshows, videos and online presentations
- Learn to crop, combine and organize your photos
- Learn how to store, backup and work with high resolution digital assets

Your marketing hinges on your best cases. You're proud of your best work. Learn to showcase your work in the best possible light.



Six Legitimate Business Goals Of A Social Media Campaign

Social medias stereotype as a massive time waster comes from millions of people actually wasting extraordinary amounts of time on it. Here are some legitimate business goals to keep your team focused on why youre really doing this...

1. Add new patients

At some level, all marketing is a touch point. Its a place to get your phone number in front of a potential patient. Its a place to create a connection with the patient. Its a place to show you care. Social media is a great way to get in front of more eyes. The number one goal of your social media campaign is adding new patients. Everything you write and all the pieces you put in there should be to grow your practice. Make sure your marketing people remember that, too. Its easy to get wrapped up in the technology, FORGET why were doing social media, and waste a lot of time.

2. Support  


Sales Training For The Medical Practice Webinar Met With RAVE Reviews

This webinar really helped clarify the confusion, for non techies, a lot of the aspects of following up on leads using new technology. Anything to help improve understanding of the world of internet marketing, lead follow up, and social media for those of us who are technology dinosaurs. Einstein always has excellent events covering a wide range of online technology and aspects of the modern health practice.

Dr. Tom Armstrong
Bakersfield CA

I learned how to better deliver a positive image. Very helpful.

Dr. Marc Kayem
Los Angeles CA

I need to think more about smell in my lobby, even though I don't like heavy scents from sprays and burning candles I probably need to find some common ground between what many of m