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WEBINAR Thurs. May 12, 2011 - SEO and Website Audit

Learn how to evaluate your own web strategy.
Learn the technology and ranking algorithms that define
your website performance. We will cover:

  Technical Elements - evaluate your server, website and coding
Duplicate Content - are you being penalized?
Page Optimization - on-page elements and keyword density
Content & Quality - site structure and content
Competitive Link Summary - evaluate your competitors
Link Analysis - quality of your inbound links
Universal Search - the scope of your content
Google Places - geographic, review based optimization

Get in your web strategy dialed in at this free webinar.

SEO and Website Audit
Thursday May 12, 2011 - 4:00pm - 5:00pm EST


SEO and naming conventions for medical websites

Its funny... search engine optimization is actually very very logical and also quite boring! Its a lot of work to get the pieces of the puzzle right so Google catalogs your page well. Google weighs the title tag as a very important piece of the webpage. It really tells what the page is all about. If you want to rank for san diego plastic surgeon that keyword had better be in the title of the page thats trying to achieve that search. You can tell what a book is about from its title. Your domain name is effectively the title of your site. If you want to come up under a search for san diego cosmetic dentistry having those key words in your domain is only going to help. How you name your pages and what words you use within them is critical to success. Use detailed and logical naming conventions and youll be easier for the search engines to catalog.


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Reputation Management Webinar A Hit With Practices Around The World...

This topic continues to be a hot button in every market. Online reviews and social media are only picking up steam. Hear what the attendees thought about this groundbreaking webinar.


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How to maintain your practice reputation
Avoid developing a bad reputation


Reputation Management


REPUTATION MANAGEMENT How to maintain your practice reputation Avoid developing a bad reputation


Doctor Testimonials: Content Management Systems Webinar

Learned about website management and integration with social media. It was one of the best webinars by Einstein Medical.

Liliane Leao
Miami FL
Practice of Stephan Baker MD

Did not know about content management based websites! it was excellent.

Dr. Richard Dolsky
Bala Cynwyd PA
Cosmetic Surgery of Philadelphia

I signed in late and only got the q and a portion - sounds like i missed alot!

Michael L. Viale, D.D.S.
Paradise CA

As always - thanks!

john harris
wyndmoor PA

I learned really a lot. thanks folks. Everything was clear and sharp.



Upcoming Webinar: Reputation Management - Control Your Practice Reputation Online - APRIL 14, 2011

Patients, competitors and complete strangers can easily review your
practice online and get that info ranked on Google.

Learn the simple steps to protect your reputation online.
Get positive information cataloging on the major search engines.
Make sure YOU control your online destiny, not someone else.

This FREE webinar will cover:

- How review sites work
- scripts and emails to get patients to review your practice
- Legal precedents and first amendment issues
- Local review sites and physician review sites
- Using your patients to get good reviews
- Social media and reputation management
- 7 simple steps to manage your reputation

Get positive information out there, today.

Reputation Management - Protect Your Practice Online
Thurs April 14, 2011 4:00 PM - 5:00


How to evaluate your practice SEO

You need to know who in your market is cataloging well, what your competitors are doing, and how to compete effectively. You need to know whats going on. Lets discuss how to do that properly.

1. Turn off Googles personalized search

If you have any kind of account with Google (Adwords, Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs) then Google is serving up a personalized search result for you. Typically that personalized search paints a rosier picture of your search placement than you should expect if you werent logged in into your Google account. Websites you visit a lot (like your own website) are raised up in your personal search results. Most other searchers do NOT see these sites as prominently. Be sure to turn off Googles personalized search because it biases your search result to sites YOU visit more.

2. Search your competitors and search your local keywords


Upcoming Webinar: Medical Website Development and Content Management - MARCH 24, 2011

Websites have changed radically. Today, you can log into your website, upload photos, announce events and change your content - all in real time. Learn about the challenges and opportunities of these new, dynamic practice websites.

- Learn about Lucid, Wordpress and other CMS solutions
- Learn how to write for the web
- Integrate your site with Facebook and Twitter
- Train your staff to update your site
- Set up an update schedule for all your online marketing
- See how to update and manage your website
- Collect your digital assets and develop your web strategy

Get in your practice website dialed in at this free webinar.

Webinar - Medical Web Development and Content Management
March 24, 2011 - Thursday - 4:00 P.M. EST