Six Types Of Practice Assets For A Social Media Campaign By on November 18, 2011


1. Content

All the writing on your web page can be re-appropriated for social media. Really, anything youve ever written, unless its utterly and completely lame, makes pretty good fodder for your social media campaign. Every page of your website should can have teaser on Facebook which links to that page of your website. In fact, when you set up a Facebook strategy teaser all the pages on the site on the big social media channels. Write things like Learn about breast augmentation, Learn about teeth whitening, and then link back to your site. It helps you on the search engines and gives you something to talk about without creating a bunch of brand new, time consuming work.

2. Photography

Its a shame how many doctors are taking pictures of their best cases that end up looking like Nick Nolte after a long night of drunken motorcycling. Your case photography is probably your most valuable digital asset, yet doctors are notorious for doing a terrible job of it. Pictures really are worth a thousand words. Great cases are what make great websites. Great cases are what make great social media campaigns. If you took great pictures and great portrait style head shots of people, you would have the coolest website in town. Everybody gets it. You dont have to read it. Your photography is a wildly valuable practice asset.

3. Video

If youve done television ads, if youve been interviewed by the news station, even if you sit down with some decent lights and say, Hey, heres ten things you should know about plastic surgery, thats good video. Video is easy to upload, easy to share and has a huge presence on the search engines. You should ALWAYS be looking for content that lends itself to this format. Video, looking forward, is probably the best content you can create for a social media campaign.

4. Events

Social media hinges on time sensitive events and the most successful practices think of their business in terms of events and promotions. This is the framework around which you write and create compelling social media content. things like Nights of Beauty, Whitening Specials, Summer Specials, Seminars, Webinars and other events give you a nice way to structure what you write on your website and what flows into your social media channels.

5. News

If you get featured on a local news outlet you should definitely link to it and feature it in your social media channels. You should think about your practice in terms of newsworthiness. Anything newsworthy should be on the first page of your website and flow into your social media channels. Use the news source logo prominently. Its something recognizable that really credentials you.

6. Forms

Your consent forms and your web releases should be easy to access through the internet. The benefit is youre easier to work with are perceived as a technological innovator. Theres a lot of value in having your forms in digital format like a .pdf. Any good word processor will save your forms into this format. It will save you tons of time.


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