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Five Secrets To Designing A Practice Logo

A good logo makes all your advertising look more professional. Once a good logo is created it makes your advertising easier to create. It gives you a brand, palette and type style that can flow through all your marketing.

1. Choose a good name for the practice.
Its very hard to sell a practice thats been branded heavily under a doctors name. Its also much easier to make a logo for SmileChicago than for The Practice Of Dr. Smedley K. Leibowitz. SmileChicago is just going to be a shorter, more interesting looking logo. Good names are also easily transferable. The first element of a good logo is a good name.

2. Choose (and use) good type.
Type can convey all sorts of emotions. A wedding invitation looks like a wedding invitation because of the way its typeset and that loopy, cursive font. If you pick a couple of good typefaces for your practice youll be on your way to a identity for all


Four Big Ideas About Medical Advertising

This new series of articles pulls from our acclaimed webinar series to showcase the content in a new format. We'll be rolling out these short articles through our blog and website networks. Enjoy!

IDEA #1: Your telephone is the most valuable piece of equipment in your office.

Every new patient flows through it and every piece of advertising you do points to your phone. Its the only way you get new business. So when you look at all of your equipment, its not your CERAC or your Fraxel, its your telephone that creates the most revenue. The phone and what it does is the way you measure the success or failure of your advertising.

IDEA #2: If your marketing isnt any good, dont bother advertising.

Whats the difference between marketing and advertising? Marketing is everything you do to get a new patient coming through the door. Marketing is how the telephone is answered. Mar


Prepatient Case Study - Followup Systems Convert Patients

Once again, the prepatient followup systems convert patients and keep them in the loop. It's a classic example of how just one email or phone call is not a proper followup technique and practices with good systems tend to convert more cases! The communication starts at the bottom of the page. Check it out!

Hello ******,

It was very nice speaking to you on the phone and we are looking forward to meeting you on March 1st 2010.

Have a great day.


via web Response Time: 1h 58m (Tue 02/23/10 12:10pm EST) 2738090
Hello **********,

Thank you very much for getting back to me with you number. I will call you tomorrow sometime before noontime, if that is inconvenient for you, feel free to call me or e-mail me with a better time.



Top Five Things Your Receptionist Should Never Say:

It doesn't matter how many leads come into the practice if you can't convert them into patients. Here's a short list of how NOT to convert a lead into a patient. Top Five Things Your Receptionist Should Never Say: 5. The FBI is here. Can you please hold? 4. I think this procedure is too expensive for you. Have you tried Dr. Jekyll on First? 3. You won't even notice the pain because of the nausea. 2. Oh yes, there's complications. Lots of them. 1. Call us back when you're ready to schedule.


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