Is Your Headline Hiding a Great Blog? Our Tips to Entice Readers By Sigrid Tehrani on January 28, 2016

Tips for writing headlines.

Unfortunately, just as people judge books by their covers, they will judge blog posts by their headlines.

Just one out of every five people who reads your headline will continue on to read your post, according to KissMetrics.

Even though you sprinkle your content with SEO keywords, make your pieces as informative as possible, and include catchy calls-to-action, none of this matters if prospective patients don't actually look past the headline.

And, since medical content has a reputation for being dry and overly technical, it’s even more important to captivate audiences at the very start.

For your blog posts, articles, and web pages to drive valuable traffic to your practice, they need to be entertaining and engaging from the get-go.

Here are some tips for capturing patients’ attention with great headlines.

The Power of Numbers

You’ve probably seen dozens of articles that began with “6 Ways to…” or “25 Cutest…” This is no accident.

Crafting a blog post around numbers is one of the simplest ways to attract more eyes because people love lists.

Lists promise a quick read and provide an inherent sense of order that allows your busy patients to cherry pick the information they need. The list form also suggests your article is jam-packed with information.

So capture attention by throwing in a number. If you were planning to write a blog post on “The Benefits of Porcelain Veneers,” you can pen a snappier, number-friendly headline such as “5 Ways Porcelain Veneers Can Transform A Smile.”

It’s All About “You”

Your patients are much more likely to stop and read an article if they feel personally addressed by it, as in “Why You Should Care About Periodontal Disease.”

While using the second person might feel clunky at first, you can ease into the writing style by imagining a one-on-one conversation with a prospective patient. Rather than writing about “The Importance of Regular Optical Exams,” a title that reads like a lecture, you can transform your blog post with the headline: “Have You Gotten Your Eyes Checked Lately? Here’s Why You Should.”

What if you double the reader engagement factor by adding “you” to a blog written in the form of a quiz: “Take Our Quiz: What type of dermal filler is best for you?” It’s a headline that immediately answers the key question that hovers in the back of every reader's mind: What’s in it for me?

Be Upfront About Your Topic

Specificity is key in writing headlines.

When patients are scrolling through your site or scanning social media feeds, they won’t take time to decipher vague headlines.

If readers are confused about the topic of your blog post, most will take a pass.

Try to make your headline crystal clear. “How to Clean Implant-Supported Dentures” is more informative than “Implant-Supported Dentures.”

Inject a Little Personality

When patients go online, they are inundated with dozens or even hundreds of articles to read. You need to cut through the clutter by making yours as distinctive as possible with an enticing headline. 

You may feel hamstrung by the gravitas surrounding medical topics, but don't be. While medical articles should always be accurate and professional, that doesn’t mean they have to be dry.

Consider injecting personality into your headline:

  • Have fun with language. A little alliteration can catch they eye. Or go for a pun, like “How Mastopexy Can Lift Your Spirits” or “Making a Good Impression with Our Intraoral Scanner.”
  • Create a more controversial eye-catcher, if you’re particularly daring. These could include more shocking titles, such as “What Other Surgeons Won’t Tell You About Saline Implants” or “The Top 5 Reasons People Hate Wearing Glasses” (a nice segue into refractive surgery).
  • Play against patients’ expectations. You might write a blog post entitled “Do You Really Have to Floss?” Spoiler Alert: Actually, you do have to floss. But this headline successfully captures the attention of all your non-flossing clientele.

So don't let your articles and blog posts lie buried under a boring headline. You spent hours crafting an educational post. Now take a few extra minutes to write the headline that draws readers in.

Remember, content is what attracts prospective patients to your website. In addition, quality content is an important ranking factor when search engines weigh when and where to list your website in search results.

If you are struggling to produce the quality content that attracts readers and search engines alike, consider partnering with a company that has a dedicated team of writers.

Einstein Medical's in-house writers and editors specialize in creating informative and educational content specifically for dentists and physicians.

Jumpstart your content production by filling out the form below and we'll be in touch. Or simply write us

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