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Third and Fourth Quarter 2015: Life after Mobilegeddon By Andy Gassaway on December 05, 2017

In the last half of 2015, Einstein Medical launched sites with carefully tailored features designed to cater to users who have clearly demonstrated a new preference for information on the go.

In the world of SEO — and among those who depend upon it to stake their claim in the online marketplace — 2015 will be remembered as the dawn of “Mobilegeddon.” This abrupt shift in Google’s algorithms placed an unprecedented amount of value on a website’s usability on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Instead of using every pixel of sidebar and other onscreen real estate, the construct of these sites is intended to deliver the message in its purest form using big headlines, plain type against solid backgrounds, and images that look as impressive on a four-inch screen as they do on a desktop monitor. In other words, there is no resizing or dragging to be done on the mobile user’s part. These sites are ready to make a lasting impression no matter how you choose to explore them.

Another essential aspect of our adaptations is optimized page speed, or the rate at which pages load. Seconds feel like years on the Internet, and when you are away from home, there is no guarantee that LTE, 5G, or wifi will be available. Clean, simple layouts contribute to a fast load, but so does an important new feature of our sites that trims all digital excess without compromising the user experience. For example, the resolution of an image can far exceed anything detectable by the human eye. Our Thesis themes present these elements in a way that looks incredibly sharp, but eliminates the parts you will never miss, resulting in a fast load every time.

The site of Dr. Ramon Robles uses the Vertex theme, one of our very first Thesis themes created specifically for mobile devices, but the adaptivity to provide a world-class user experience on a desktop machine as well. Upon loading the site, a prominent triple-bar menu is available to take the user directly to a large, legible list of Dr. Robles’ practice areas. A quick scroll of the Home page provides clear but unobtrusive opportunities to contact the practice, explore the doctor’s practice areas, and become introduced to the doctor himself. Those those who view the site on a desktop computer can partake in a more aesthetically immersive experience that retains the efficiency of the mobile experience. For example, on a larger screen, the simple black-and-white header image is replaced by a tasteful looping video of a woman visiting a beach.

You are cordially invited to take a moment to view our latest releases on both a mobile device and desktop computer to see for yourself how our progress in the last half of 2015 has made our clients’ online homes into world-class user experiences on screens of all sizes.

Client: Peter T. Smrecek Jr. DDS / Peter T. Smrecek Jr, D.D.S. Inc.

Website URL: http://www.petersmrecekdds.com

CMS Lucid: Royal / Red


Client: Ira L. Shapira, DDS & Mark J. Amidei, DDS / Delany Dental Care

Website URL: http://www.delanydentalcare.com

CMS Lucid: Gatsby / Sunlit Parlour


Client: Maurice J. Benjamin / All American Smile Dental Studios

Website URL: http://www.benjamindds.com

CMS Lucid: Gatsby / Bourbon


Client: Frederick Hoffer, DDS / Redlands Family Dentistry

Website URL: http://www.redlandsfamilydentistry.com

CMS Lucid: Shine On / Orange


Client: First Med Immediate Medical Care  

Website URL: http://www.firstmedny.com

CMS Lucid: Luminesse / Zircon


Client: Ken Giberson, DDS / Dr. Ken Giberson

Website URL: http://www.drkengiberson.com

CMS Lucid: Innerspace / Atmosphere  


Client: Bruce Watkins, DDS / Watkins Family Dentistry

Website URL: http://www.watkinsfamilydentistry.com

CMS Lucid: Cloudscape / Dusk


Client: Jeffery A. Hennigan, DDS

Website URL: http://www.lakeareadentistry.com

CMS Lucid: Gatsby / Blue Ritz


Client: Dr. Edward Urig / Bonita Medical Center  

Website URL: http://www.bonitamedical.com

CMS Lucid: Mystique / Lavendar


Client: Nathaniel Podilsky, DMD / Dr. Nathaniel Podilsky

Website URL: http://www.cosmeticdentistryedmonton.com

CMS Lucid: Innerspace / Green Flash


Client: Robert Astles, DDS / Dr. Robert Astles

Website URL: http://www.drrobertastles.com

CMS Lucid: Luminesse / Amethyst


Client: Dr Patrick Tanner / South Ogden Smiles

Website URL: http://www.southogdensmiles.com

CMS Lucid: Gatsby / Mint Julep


Client: Dr. Richard Ecker / Yamhill Valley Dermatology  

Website URL: http://www.yamhilldermatology.com

CMS Lucid: Luminesse / Zircon


Client: Paul D. Derman, DMD / Derman Dentistry  

Website URL: http://www.dermandentistry.com

CMS Lucid: Vertex / Matterhorn


Client: The Offices of John G. Fatse DMD  

Website URL: http://www.johngfatsedmd.com

CMS Lucid: Evenflow / Lilac


Client: Vishnu Rumalla MD / Tarrant Plastic Surgery  

Website URL: http://www.tarrantplasticsurgery.com

CMS Lucid: Royal / Red


Client: Anya Kishinevsky, M.D.  

Website URL: http://www.anyakishinevskymd.com

CMS Lucid: Sherbet / Pink


Client: Michael J Bixby, DMD FAGD  

Website URL: http://www.cosmeticdentists-nj.com

CMS Lucid: Horizons / Toffee

Client: Ann R. Sielicki, DDS

Website URL: http://www.sonorandentaldesign.com
CMS Lucid: Earth Stone / Sapphire


Client: Ettienne Van Zyl, DDS

Website URL: http://www.drevanzyl.com

CMS Lucid: Royal / Gold Blue


Client: Andrew M. Ebert, M.D. / Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin

Website URL: http://www.orthoaustin.com

CMS Lucid: Innerspace / Solar Flare


Client: Chad A. LaCour, DDS

Website URL: http://www.drchadlacour.com

CMS Lucid: Mahogany / Custom Color


Client: Dr. Greg Phillips / Greg S. Phillips & Associates General Dentistry & Specialty Practice  

Website URL: http://www.smilebyphillips.com

CMS Lucid: Shine On / Blue


Client: Dr. Rupal Dave, DDS / Dentistry For Life  

Website URL: http://www.dentistry4life.com

CMS Lucid: Tweed / Levi Black Green


Client: Thomas Byrd, MD / Byrd Eye Clinic  

Website URL: http://www.byrdeyeclinic.com

CMS Lucid: Mont Blanc


Client: Michael Lee, DDS / Livingston Dental Arts, LLC

Website URL: http://www.livingstondentalarts.com

CMS Lucid: Royal / Red


Client: Steven M Balloch, DDS  

Website URL: http://www.hartfordcosmeticdentist.com

CMS Lucid: Providence / Marlin


Client: Jim Lowe, MD FACS / Lowe Plastic Surgery

Website URL: http://www.drjlowe.com

CMS Lucid: Vertex / Rainer


Client: James M. Stein, DMD  

Website URL: http://www.steinesthetics.com

CMS Lucid: Providence / Shades of Blue


Client: Andrew R. Samuel, DMD / Advanced Periodontics and Dental Implants, LLC

Website URL: http://www.advancedperioimplants.com

CMS Lucid: Mahogany / Autumn Red


Client: Brian K. Bell, DDS / Bell Dental  

Website URL: http://www.belldentalsmiles.com

CMS Lucid: Providence / Wheat


Client: Bruce Spink DMD  

Website URL: http://www.sleepbham.com

CMS Lucid: ClearSkies / Sky Blue


Client: Robert L. Froerer / Froerer & Miles  

Website URL: http://www.froererandmiles.com

CMS Lucid: Luminesse / Ruby


Client: Neil Notaroberto M.D. / Eyecare 20/20

Website URL: http://www.eyecare2020.org

CMS Lucid: Mahogany / Soft Mint


Client: Dr. Susana Moncada / Windermere Dental Group

Website URL: http://www.windermeredental.com

CMS Lucid: Shine On / Teal


Client: Neil L. Starr, DDS / Neil L. Starr, DDS, PC

Website URL: http://www.starrteeth.com

CMS Lucid: Providence / Marlin


Client: Brian F. Burns, MD / South Texas Plastic Surgery  

Website URL: http://www.drburns.com

CMS Lucid: EvenFlow / Navy


Client: Michael Vermesh / The Center for Fertility and Gynecology  

Website URL: http://www.center4fertility.com

CMS Lucid: Innerspace / Atmosphere


Client: Dr. Ramon Robles / Robles Plastic Surgery

Website URL: http://www.roblesplasticsurgery.com

CMS Lucid: Vertex / Mont Blanc


Client: InSight LASIK & Refractive Group / Scott & Christie and Associates  

Website URL: http://www.insightlasikgroup.com

CMS Lucid: Luminesse / Zircon


Client: Jeffrey M. Jacobson, M.D.

Website URL: http://www.jacobsonmd.com

CMS Lucid: Gatsby / Bluenose


Client: Bruno Lemay, DMD / Desert Dental Alternatives  

Website URL: http://www.desertdentalalternatives.com

CMS Lucid: Royal / Red


Client: Ron L Shiver DMD / Ron L Shiver DMD Family & Restorative Dentistry

Website URL: http://www.shiverdentalcare.com

CMS Lucid: SoftStone / Slate Sky


Client: Haitham J. Ennabi, DDS / Quality Dental Care, P.C.  

Website URL: http://www.qualitydentalsmile.com

CMS Lucid: Innerspace / Atmosphere


Client: Mitchell Dental Spa / Margaret Mitchell, DDS

Website URL: http://www.mitchelldentalspa.com

CMS Lucid: Shine On / Orange


Client: Kenneth S. Miller, MD

Website URL: http://www.lasikcenternj.com

CMS Lucid: Innerspace / custom


Client: Gregory A. Stainer, M.D., F.A.C.S. / Southwest Eye Care and Laser

Website URL: http://www.bakersfieldlasik.com

CMS Lucid: Vertex / Rainier


Client: Brian Hirschfield, DDS  

Website URL: http://www.livoniasmiles.com

CMS Lucid: Royal / Winter


Client: Joseph T. Mormino, DDS  

Website URL: http://www.statenislandsmiles.com

CMS Lucid: Providence / Prestige


Client: Perry Orchard / Robertson and Orchard, DDS  

Website URL: http://www.robertsonandorchard.com

CMS Lucid: Mystique / Custom


Client: Mehrdad Vajdi, DDS / M. Vajdi DDS PC  

Website URL: http://www.vajdidental.com

CMS Lucid: Vertex / Custom Color


Client:  Stephen P. Hardy, MD / Northwest Plastic Surgery Associates  

Website URL: http://www.nwpsa.com

CMS Lucid: Vertex / Ararat


Client: Colin A. Forde, DDS / Family and Cosmetic Dental Design  

Website URL: http://www.albuquerquedentaldesign.com

CMS Lucid: Vertex / Everest


Client: Stephen D. Lipman, DMD / Family Dentistry of Windsor

Website URL: http://www.drlipman.com

CMS Lucid: Innerspace / Atmosphere


Client: Gordon P. Smith / Facial Beauty Dental  

Website URL: http://www.facialbeautydental.com

CMS Lucid: Luminesse / Custom Color


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