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Introducing Stream and Vogue By Andy Gassaway on December 05, 2017

In the final quarter of 2016, Einstein Medical launched 33 new sites, most of which were built using our new Thesis templates designed specifically to meet the needs of those using smartphones, mobile gaming devices, and tablets.

As the year drew to a close, we were thrilled to have launched sites using two brand new Thesis themes: Stream and Vogue.

The new site of Patrick Seely, DDS, was created using Stream paired with the Pacific color scheme. While our Thesis themes up to this point made use of a simple white background with black type, this configuration uses an ocean blue foundation to provide a calming, atmospheric complement to a supremely legible white sans serif typeface. As users scroll through the home page, they are greeted with a warm introduction to the practice complete with high-resolution portraits of Dr. Seely, before and after images, and clear signposts pointing the way to deeper explorations of his services.

Vogue continues in the footsteps of our Plaza and Acclaim themes by providing a bright white foundation, but with a new host of soft colors conveying a peaceful atmosphere that helps to communicate a feeling of compassion and friendliness on the part of the practice.  

Dr. Mike Meek’s new site uses the Dark Salmon color scheme as the perfect complement to his slogan, “Hi-Tech Dentists for Life’s Simple Pleasures.” This mellow palette combined with high-resolution images of the staff helps to convey a personable and approachable feel.

Our Thesis stable of templates demonstrates that even on a very small smartphone screen, a user experience does not need to be strictly utilitarian. While the approach years ago may have been to jam as much copy and multimedia as possible onto one page, we now find that exceptional, easily read content with very subtle aesthetic flourishes speaks volumes.

Have a look at the following sites both on a desktop machine and the mobile device of your choice to experience the ways in which we ensure no nuance of our clients’ practices are lost in translation.


Client: Aaron Strickland / White River Dental  

Website URL: http://www.wrdental.com/

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Brass


Client: Oren Zvi Lerman, MD / Oren Z. Lerman, MD  

Website URL: https://www.orenlerman.com/

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Azurite


Client: Patrick Seely DDS / Windsor Dental Group  

Website URL: http://www.windsordentalgroup.com

CMS Lucid: Stream / Pacific


Client: Charles D. Kirksey DDS / Fairfax Family Dental Care  

Website URL: http://www.fairfaxdental.com

CMS Lucid: Stream / Pacific


Client: Kyle Long, DDS  

Website URL: http://www.drkylelong.com/

CMS Lucid: Monarch / Cardinal


Client: Chirag Patel, DDS / Aesthetic General Dentistry of Frisco  

Website URL: http://www.agdfrisco.com/

CMS Lucid: Monarch / Custom Color


Client: Kenneth Smart, MD / Frisco Plastic Surgery & MedSpa  

Website URL: http://www.kensmartmd.com

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Brass


Client: Daniel Han DMD / Han & Ahn DMD  

Website URL: http://www.mcleandmd.com/

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Amethyst


Client: Adams Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Website URL: http://www.adamsdmd.com

CMS Lucid: Acclaim / Blue Spruce


Client: Mark Luria, DDS / Luria & Birnholtz Family Dentistry

Website URL: http://www.dearbornsmiles.com

CMS Lucid: Acclaim / Blue Spruce


Client: Back to 30 Rejuvenation Centers  

Website URL: http://www.backto30.com

CMS Lucid: Gatsby / Sunlit Parlor


Client: Mike Meek, DDS / 38th Street Dental  

Website URL: http://www.myaustindds.com

CMS Lucid: Vogue / Dark-Salmon


Client: Dr. Thaddeus H. Vincent / Palmetto Family & Cosmetic Dentistry  

Website URL: http://www.palmettofamilydentistry.com

CMS Lucid: Gatsby / Sunlit Parlour


Client: Brett Hester DMD  

Website URL: http://www.bretthesterdmd.com

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Jade


Client: Gerald Regni, DMD / Smiles By Design  

Website URL: http://www.philly-dentist.com

CMS Lucid: Vogue / Aquamarine


Client: Dr. Galitzin / skincare 5th ave.  

Website URL: http://www.skincare5thave.com

CMS Lucid: Steam / Aquamarine


Client: Michael S. Cohen, MD

Website URL: http://www.longislandentcare.com

CMS Lucid: Tweed / Tweed Blue


Client: Bruce J. Wilderman DDS / Artistic Expressions Dentistry

Website URL: https://www.masterpiecesmile.com/

CMS Lucid: Vogue / Dodger-Blue


Client: Dr. Mike Glasmeier / First Impressions Family Dentistry

Website URL: http://www.thedentistforspecialneeds.com

CMS Lucid: Monarch / Cardinal


Client: Russell H. Griffiths, M.D.  

Website URL: http://www.earreconstructionspecialist.com

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Brass


Client: Steven B. Koenig, MD / Medical College of Wisconsin  

Website URL: http://www.lasikmcw.com

CMS Lucid: Acclaim / Blue Spruce


Client: Robert W. Hessberger, DDS  

Website URL: http://www.dentistnorthwestchicago.com/

CMS Lucid: Innerspace / Atmosphere


Client: Andrew R. Glenn DDS, MD  

Website URL: https://www.glennoms.com/

CMS Lucid: Stream / Aquamarine


Client: Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates  

Website URL: http://www.jawdocs.net/

CMS Lucid: Acclaim / Eucalyptus


Client: Dennis G. Sternberg, D.D.S.  

Website URL: http://www.smilesbydrsternberg.com/

CMS Lucid: Vogue / Dodger Blue


Client: Donald Czaplicki / Czaplicki Family Dentistry

Website URL: http://www.drczaplicki.com

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Aquamarine


Client: Ardeshir Raghian, DDS, PC / Winnetka Dental Care  

Website URL: http://www.winnetkadentalcare.com

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Jade


Client: Jason Collier, DDS / Southern Dental Implant Center  

Website URL: http://www.southerndentalimplant.com

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Brass


Client: Craig P. Goldin, D.D.S.  

Website URL: http://www.thedesignersmile.com

CMS Lucid: Monarch / Tyrian


Client: Kathryn Giswold, DDS  

Website URL: http://www.mononadental.com

CMS Lucid: Acclaim | Rosewood


Client: Andrea Neita, D.O.  

Website URL: http://www.pinnaclefamilyga.com

CMS Lucid: Acclaim | Blue Spruce


Client: Warren D. Silvers III DMD FAGD  

Website URL: http://www.silversfamilydental.com

CMS Lucid: Acclaim | Blue Spruce


Client: Mark Tall, DDS  

Website URL: http://www.madisonparkdental.com

CMS Lucid: Royal | Winter


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