2017 Begins with a Bang By Andy Gassaway on December 05, 2017

The first quarter of 2017 saw Einstein Medical launch 60 new sites - almost twice the number of sites launched in the final quarter of 2016. We continued to bring many more practices to greater online prominence with sites that strike a chord with users regardless of their preferred device.

Although it is incredibly important to create sites that are fast to load and easy to read on every device, it is also very important - and, at times, difficult - to achieve this efficiency without neglecting the aesthetics that communicate the human element. Since entering the Mobile-First Era, Einstein Medical has succeeded in this challenge by using limited color palettes along with tastefully arranged images and other multimedia.

For example, post-weight loss body contouring surgeon Peter Fisher’s site uses the Acclaim theme, a simple formula of black typeface on a white background, but with touches of an aqua color we call Eucalyptus. This economical aesthetic recipe provides a warm and unobtrusive foundation for pictures of Dr. Fisher, his patients, images illustrating his services, and original written content.

Prosthodontists Bessler & Kang chose Plaza as the vessel for their online marketing efforts. As a practice specializing in treatments that enhance both form and function, Plaza conveys their persona using a superbly legible layout built on a plain white foundation with handsome touches of brass-colored accents that exude class and competence.

Dr. Robert Rapisarda’s new site uses the Vertex theme. The incredibly simplified presentation of written content is offset with blocks of a deep plumb hue. On a mobile device, Dr. Rapisarda’s beautifully symmetrical logo occupies the hero image element. When viewing the site on a desktop computer, the hero presents the logo along with an image of a woman with a classically beautiful smile enjoying dessert in a restaurant. This pairing helps to convey Dr. Rapisarda’s aim of providing smiles that allow patients to stop feeling self-conscious about imperfections in their smiles and start enjoying day-to-day life with greater confidence.

Take a moment to browse our first-quarter achievements to see how we are helping physicians of all stripes reach and appeal to more users.


Client: Robert Rapisarda, DMD  

Website URL: http://www.drrapisarda.com

CMS Lucid: Vertex / Fuji


Client: Park City Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Center  

Website URL: http://www.parkcityoralsurgery.com

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Brass


Client: Ridgewood Dental Associates  

Website URL: http://www.ridgewooddental.com/

CMS Lucid: Vogue / Custom


Client: Dr. Stephen J. Malki / Malki Dental  

Website URL: http://www.malkidental.com

CMS Lucid: Monarch / Catalina


Client: Dr. Peter Fisher

Website URL: https://www.peterfishermd.com

CMS Lucid: Acclaim / Eucalyptus


Client: Jain Plastic Surgery  

Website URL: http://www.jainplasticsurgery.com

CMS Lucid: Acclaim / Jacaranda


Client: The Offices of Howard Golan  

Website URL: http://www.enamelrules.com

CMS Lucid: Stream / Pacific


Client: Michael C. Fling, DDS  

Website URL: http://www.michaelflingcosmeticdentist.com/

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Brass


Client: Paul V. Archacki DDS PA  

Website URL: http://www.bestboyntonbeachdentist.com

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Azurite


Client: Louis R. Manara, MD / Center For Reproductive Medicine and Fertility /  

Website URL: http://www.louismanara.com

CMS Lucid: SoftStone / Nautica


Client: Mohamed Saccoh  

Website URL: http://www.drsaccoh.com

CMS Lucid: Gatsby / Bluenose


Client: Bessler and Kang  

Website URL: http://www.besslerkang.com

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Brass


Client: Paul Larsen D.M.D.  

Website URL: http://www.larsenfamilydental.com

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Azurite


Client: Cynthia Bailey, DDS / Bailey Dental Group  

Website URL: http://www.baileydentalgroup.com/

CMS Lucid: Acclaim / Eucalyptus


Client: Stephen Dowell DDS  

Website URL: http://www.dowelldental.com/

CMS Lucid: Acclaim / Blue Spruce


Client: Victoria Maclin, MD / Heartland Center for Reproduction  

Website URL: http://www.heartlandfertility.com/

CMS Lucid: Acclaim / Jacaranda


Client: Brian J. Lyngaas DDS  

Website URL: http://www.grinsrin.com/

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Dodger - Blue


Client: Sheryl Pilcher, M.D. / Accent Plastic Surgery  

Website URL: http://www.accentplasticsurgery.com

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Aquamarine


Client: Benjamin D. Ahlbrecht D.D.S. / North Meridian Dental Excellence

Website URL: http://www.smileindiana.com

CMS Lucid: Acclaim / Blue Spruce


Client: Raymond J. Konior, MD, FACS / Chicago Hair Institute  

Website URL: http://www.chicagohairinstitute.com

CMS Lucid: Vogue / Aquamarine


Client: Dr. Phyllis J. Smith / Huntington Dermatology and Cosmetic Associates /  

Website URL: http://www.phyllissmithmd.com/

CMS Lucid: Vogue / Dodger-Blue


Client: Liza Pompa, MD / LIMARP International Center of Excellence for Obesity /  

Website URL: http://www.limarp.com

CMS Lucid: Custom / Custom


Client: Robert L. Rebert, Jr., DDS / Robert L. Rebert, Jr., DDS

Website URL: http://www.rrebertdds.com/

CMS Lucid: Innerspace / Atmosphere


Client: Scott Parr / The Smile Center  

Website URL: http://www.thesmilecenter.info/

CMS Lucid: Acclaim / Eucaluptys


Client: Kellyn Hodges, DMD / Kellyn Hodges Orthodontics

Website URL: http://www.hodgesortho.com/

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Custom


Client: Neal Shah, DDS / Feather Touch Dental Care  

Website URL: http://www.atlantadentistmidtown.com/

CMS Lucid: Vogue / Dodger-Blue


Client: Michael J. Appleton, DDS / Oak Harbor Family Dentistry

Website URL: http://www.oakharborfamilydentistry.com/

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Brass


Client: Gordon Wong, O.D. / Gordon Wong Eye Designs & Optometry  

Website URL: http://www.winksandiego.com

CMS Lucid: Acclaim / Custom


Client: Dr. Arnaldo DiRezze / Shelby Family, Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry /  

Website URL: http://www.shelbydental.com

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Ruby


Client: Peter Brownrigg, MD / Dr. Peter Brownrigg  

Website URL: http://www.drpbrownrigg.ca

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Amethyst


Client: Michael Tischler, D.D.S. / Tischler & Patch Dental  

Website URL: http://www.tischlerimplantdentistry.com/

CMS Lucid: Monarch / Laurel


Client: Edward Zuckerberg DDS FAGD  

Website URL: http://www.painlessdrz.com/

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Brass


Client: Dr. Christian Brandyberry / Brandyberry & Associates

Website URL: http://www.northcarolinacosmeticdentist.com

CMS Lucid: Stream / Aquamarine


Client: The Offices of Leslie J. Paris DDS MSD / Northern Colorado Periodontics /  

Website URL: http://www.nocoperio.com/

CMS Lucid: Vogue / Dodger-Blue


Client: Jacqueline Osuna, MD  

Website URL: http://www.osunamd.com

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Azurite


Client: Milton Grin, MD, FACS / Grin Eye Care Associates

Website URL: http://www.grineyecare.com/

CMS Lucid: Vogue / Dodger - Blue


Client: Alfredo M. Gapuz, Jr., DMD / Aesthetic and General Dentistry  

Website URL: http://www.amgsmile.com/

CMS Lucid: Vogue / Aquamarine


Client: Bruce E. Treiber, DDS  

Website URL: http://www.treiberdental.com

CMS Lucid: Vogue / Dark-Salmon


Client: Jon B. Turk, M.D.  

Website URL: https://www.jonturkmd.com/

CMS Lucid: Vogue / Dark-Orchid


Client: Deen Gross Eye Centers

Website URL: www.deengrosseye.com

CMS Lucid: Acclaim


Client: Michael McCartney, DDS / Adel Dental Associates  

Website URL: http://www.adeldental.com

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Azurite


Client: Andrew M. Ebert, M.D. / Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin

Website URL: http://www.austinhandsurgeon.com/

CMS Lucid: Acclaim / Blue Spruce


Client: Dr. Andrew Lunn / Chattanooga Family Dentistry

Website URL: http://www.chattanoogadentist.com

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Azurite


Client: Joseph Fusco DDS, MAGD

Website URL: http://www.rvcdentist.com

CMS Lucid: Vogue / Dodger-Blue


Client: Avason Family Dentistry

Website URL: http://www.avasonfamilydentistry.com/

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Ruby


Client: Andrew Kuhlberg / Kuhlberg Orthodontics

Website URL: http://www.kuhlbergorthodontics.com/

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Azurite


Client: Louis Russell Jr. / Russell Family Dentistry

Website URL: http://www.russellfamilydentistry.com/

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Brass


Client: William B. Stofer, DDS / Dental Solutions  

Website URL: https://www.dentalsolutions.net/

CMS Lucid: Acclaim / Blue Spruce


Client: Damien F Armstrong / River City Dentistry

Website URL: http://www.myrivercitydentist.com/

CMS Lucid:  Acclaim / Eucylptus


Client: David M. Mills, MD, FACS / Mills Eye + Facial Surgery  

Website URL: http://www.millseye.com

CMS Lucid: Vogue / Dodger-Blue


Client: Patrick Casey / Smile Montreal  

Website URL: https://www.smilemontreal.com/

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Azurite


Client: David Passaretti, MD  

Website URL: https://www.davidpassarettimd.com/

CMS Lucid: Acclaim / Blue-Spruce


Client: Charles Thorne MD  

Website URL: http://www.otoplasty.org

CMS Lucid: Acclaim / Blue Spruce


Client: Frank W. Shagets M.D. FACS / Facial Aesthetic and Laser Centre

Website URL: http://www.missourifacialplasticsurgeon.com

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Aquamarine


Client: Bruce Hermann / North Texas Breast & Plastic Surgery Center

Website URL: http://www.breastandplasticsurgery.com/

CMS Lucid: Acclaim / Blue Spruce


Client: Nilesh M. Sheth, MD  

Website URL: http://www.shethhorsleyeyecenter.com/

CMS Lucid: SoftStone / Nautica


Client: Dr. Brent Stanley / Ironwood Dental Care

Website URL: http://www.ironwooddental.net/

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Azurite


Client: Gary L. Kinder, D.M.D.  

Website URL: http://www.styleyoursmile.com/

CMS Lucid: Vogue / Dodger- Blue


Client: John P. Goodman DDS  

Website URL: http://www.johngoodmandds.net/

CMS Lucid: Vogue / Dark-Salmon


Client: Randall P. Prince, DDS, FAGD

Website URL: http://www.drrandyprince.com/

CMS Lucid: Vogue / Aquamarine


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