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AACD Members Leverage Twitter to Connect

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) is hosting its 32nd Annual AACD Scientific Session in Toronto, Canada this week. Whether you make it to Toronto or not, you can leverage social media to tap into this impressive group of cosmetic dentistry leaders.

Given Twitter's 140-character format and propensity for high post frequency, this is our preferred social media network for distributing news & commentary. This post provides tips for maximizing Twitter to participate in AACD 2016, whether you attend or not!

Tap Into the AACD Social Network

AACD members and on-lookers are in luck. AACD maintains a robust social network covering Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. The organization even hosts an internal social network called MyAACD for members. Just click on "My ACCD" on the AACD website to log in and interact with fellow AACD members.

AACD regularly distributes thought-provoking content and interacts with its members on social media. All you need to do is tap into the AACD network. Here are some tips for getting started:

Before, During, & After

The AACD distributes posts about its events before, during, and after... giving you many opportunities to engage. In the examples below, notice how AACD constructed these posts. They used #AACD2016 and #Toronto to ensure that this post is seen by anyone who searches for either of these keywords. AACD also included images in their posts, making them more likely to be seen and shared.

Simply share, reply, or like these posts and the AACD will know that you interacted with their content. Include strategic hashtags and Twitter handles in your reply to broaden your message reach. More on that below!

Perfecting Your Twitter Posts

There are three critical things to keep in mind when you post or interact on Twitter:

  1. Include a relevant image whenever possible
  2. Use hashtags strategically... no more than three per post, please
  3. Amplify your post by including relevant Twitter handles (handles = accounts, they look like this: @TheAACD)

PRO TIP: Use hashtag #AACD2016 plus handle @TheAACD for AACD event posts.

Here are some examples of strategically crafted Twitter posts from AACD 2015:

Maximizing Twitter Networking

Networking can take place whether you are at the event or not. See the first example below. These attendees took a moment for a photo and, thanks to the manner in which the image was posted, it is easily located to this day with a simple #AACD2015 Twitter search. 

The following post by Gary Takacs is a great example of non-attendees reaching out via social media. He may not be at the event, but he is certainly aware of industry happenings.

Leveraging Twitter Lists

Twitter allows users to create "lists" of curated Twitter accounts. Once a user creates a list and populates it with the desired Twitter accounts, they can view one consolidated news feed specific to the accounts in this list. Twitter lists are helpful for following specific sub-groups and for identifying new resources on Twitter.

AACD member Jamie Sands, DDS, has five Twitter lists. If you are new to Twitter and are trying to connect with great cosmetic dentist resources, Dr. Sands' lists are a wonderful place to start. Just select "Lists" and "Subscribe" to any list that you would like to regularly view. Once you review the news feeds from these lists, you can isolate the Twitter accounts that regularly post the type of information you are seeking. Follow just those key accounts, and you are well on your way.

Einstein Dental's AACD 2016 Speaker Twitter List

Here is a live Twitter list made up of AACD 2016 speakers. See what they are talking about right now... and engage. See you at AACD2016, whether you make it to Toronto or not!