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The Power of Digital Rejuvenation

The new Einstein Medical website for Avenue Plastic SurgeryAs any cosmetic surgeon will tell you, a little change once in awhile can be a very powerful thing! Plastic surgeon Allan Kalus of Melbourne has applied this principle to his web site, avenueplasticsurgery.com, to empower his online home base with improved aesthetics and a boost in SEO. We here at Einstein Medical helped Dr. Kalus create his original site, which already consisted of rich, cross-referenced content. Over the years, we have developed a wide palette of templates with ultra-modern design touches that make our sites not only look great, but also much easier for end users to navigate. The www.avenueplasticsurgery.com is built upon the Softstone template, with a Bordeaux motif. In essence, an ultra-clean white background is garnished by simple flourishes of ruby, creating an atmosphere of prestige - with just a hint of intrigue.

Anyone who has searched for a plastic surgeon in the Melbourne area can attest that Dr. Kalus’ site has always been a wealth of information on a range of cosmetic surgery techniques, peppered with straight talk about the pros and cons of many of the choices these procedures involve. After consulting with Dr. Kalus, we decided to migrate the lion’s share of this content onto the new site. In addition, we created two new pages of content to provide an even greater in-depth look at breast augmentation, one of his most popular procedures. This section of the site now contains a page dedicated to explaining the steps in the procedure, as well as the variations in how these steps can be performed. We also added a page on the cost of breast implants, which is a highly researched topic among women considering breast augmentation surgery. We have had great success working with Melbourne plastic surgeon Alan Kalus in the past, and we look forward to continued success with our latest collaboration.