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WasatchEyeSpecialists.com - Ophthalmic Site Done Right

Wasatch Eye Specialists rolls out a classic ophthalmology site. From the strong design to the strong call to action this is a great example of the simple yet effective design we at Einstein pride ourselves on. Take a minute to check out the scope and structure of this little yet extremely effective site. Thanks to the EM team and the team at Wasatch Eye. It's a cool and effective site!

The LUCID CMS underlies the whole site - this robust content management system is a huge part of what makes this site so flexible and so functional. The client can quickly add pages, change phone numbers, and update information on the fly.

An Einstein design philosophy is bring the good stuff to the front and this website really does that. From the first page it's clear where the practice is and how to contact them. We think generating a lead is the biggest challenge a website must overcome, period.


By Mike Hawkins 

Update Dec 1, 2015: This post has been updated to reflect the patent pending/registered status of our Lucid CMS®