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Einstein Medical Clients Gain International Exposure Through The New DocShop Gallery

Your before and after photos can now reach thousands of new prospects with the new DocShop before and after gallery. By adding case metadata to your cases you can increase your profile in your markets and thousands of others.

DocShop Gallery

If you're currently an Einstein Client,
you're all ready to go:

Step 1: Log into your Einstein Extranet.

Step 2: Select your cases and fill in simple case information such as patient age, patient description, cup size, cc of implants and more. This data will help your photos show up in search results worldwide.

Step 3: Upload more cases through the simple interface. This tool gives you the ability to improve your website and radically increase the scope of your marketing reach in 3 simple steps!

DocShop is found on thousands of searches in your market! Complete information improves your website, your patient experience and your overall search traffic.

Are you ready to get all your before and after cases online? Fill out this simple form or call 800-258-9221 to get our customer service team connected with you.