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Three Reasons Everyone At Your Practice Should Be A Great Salesperson

1. Sales skills are life skills.

Robert Louis Stevenson said, Everyone lives by selling something and its true. Plumbers sell plumbing. Doctors sell medicine. Your employees sell their time. A skill in sales directly correlates to more income. People pay you what you negotiate and negotiation is part of your skill in sales. Sales is something you learn and can get better at. Improving sales skills causes you to sell more or get paid more for whatever you do or make.

2. Sales skills are relationships skills

People that are good sales people tend to quickly forge relationships and connect with you on an emotional level. There are learned skills that let you create rapport much more quickly than people without training do - this has huge value.

3. Sales skills are communication skills

Communication is critical to sales. You want to communicate with spoken language and body language. You want to actively listen. Great salespeople are usually great communicators. Everyone can learn to communicate better.