Five MORE Ways To Grow Your Social Media Network By on February 02, 2011


6. Industry partnerships

If you just bought a million-dollar LASIK laser, the manufacturer is probably pretty fired up on you using that thing. They probably also have a pretty sophisticated web strategy going. If you leverage your technology to help your website, youre going to get a lot of traction and visibility. It also gives you really cool stuff to write about. Technology is an excellent selling tool. In general, who youre using technology-wise can have a very big benefit for your network. Make sure you look at their web pages. You should say when you buy technology for your business, I want you to link back to my website. Use these industry partnerships to grow your own strategy.

7. Traditional advertising

Point your print to your facebook page. talk about your events and promotions. Its easier to build an opted in list on Facebook than it is through your website. If youre going to bother doing any print or TV advertising, for sure point to your website and to your Facebook page. Its a circle. Who cares where they come into the network as long as we get them in and then opt them in to your list. Once you have them opted into a list, creating touch points and marketing to them becomes effectively free.

8. Twitter

Follow your industry and local people on Twitter. Twitter is interesting because there is no permission. In Facebook, they say, Okay, Ill be your friend or Okay, Ill agree. In Twitter, anyone can follow anyone. So if you follow a hundred people, youre probably going to get 10 followers back just because. So, if youre trying to grow a network, the more people you follow locally the bigger your local network is going to grow without a ton of work. Just by going out and adding people locally in Twitter, youre going to get some reciprocal local followers back. Again, its the idea of list building - trying to increase the number of people you can touch and the number of people in your network. We also know theres a search engine benefit to creating a Twitter page that links back into your network.

9. Facebook ads

Today, these ads are about a third the price of Google pay per click. With Facebook ads, you can target just women ages 24-70 in your market. With Facebook ads, you can push them to a page where they can click a Like button and opt into your list. You have a way to contact them. Your status messages are now going out to their friends too. Its a very powerful advertising platform.

Are the ads going to be cheap for a lot longer? Probably not. But there is really no quicker way to build an opted in list of local people than through Facebook.

10. Better office systems

Make sure everyone leaves your practice knowing:

A. How to review your practice online
B. How to access your Facebook page
C. Their email has been added to your list of successful results
D. You WANT them to review your practice online
E. You WANT them to give referrals and tell their friends.

A good post operative strategy can radically improve your online network and presence without a lot of work on your part. A well written email with some links to these sites and resources is a very good idea if youre trying to create a positive presence online. This is using your patient base to create social proof, create word of mouth referrals and to create more patients. Its a powerful idea.


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