Three Secrets To Writing For Social Media By SEO Admin on January 19, 2011

1. Fun, personal, and engaging

Social media requires a short and immediate writing style. You want to talk in an intimate, friendly voice. This is basically true in all advertising - you should write in the voice of the people. The less you sound like a term paper, the better. You should write in a way thats warm and makes you appear friendly rather than distant and aloof.

In general, the more your writing says things like, Good luck, Wish you the best, Happy Friday, the more likable you become. This style tends to get read the most. It also tends to convert the best. In general, you want to keep it light. Youre trying to create a connection. Err on the side of having fun with it.

2. Create value

Unfortunately, very few patients understand or care about your board certification. However, everybody cares about going to the safest plastic surgeon and getting a better result because of that. Youve got to spin your writing in such a way that its showing a real benefit to the prospect. This is another a classic advertising idea. You must write in a way that focuses on your prospect, not your ego. Its not that easy to do.

Our practice has been around for 30 years. is an ego driven idea. Youll get a better result because we have more experience. is a benefit driven idea. Its really the same thought, just spun in two distinctly different ways. One is an I message and the other is a You driven message. You is a very powerful word in advertising: Youll get a better result, Youll feel years younger, Youll look great, As a VIP, youre going to get preferred pricing. You, you, you value, value, value. Thats a the way to think about writing for social media Whats in it for them? Nobody cares about anything else. They read headlines and they want to see benefits.

3. Hinge on a good photos and good headlines

Its funny... the secret to writing well is to have a great photo because then it doesnt matter what you write. Take 20 minutes, visit and downloaded 15 bucks worth of good low resolution pictures dentistry imagery, plastic surgery imagery, whatever. Go to your vendors and pull appropriate technology pictures from their website. A great post is usually a good headline and a good photo and little else. Sometimes, its just a good photo and a lousy headline and its still pretty good. Hinge on photos that stand out because nobody reads the great wall of copy. Great photos and great headlines everybody gets immediately.

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