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Upcoming Webinar - Reputation Management


In 2002, an unhappy dental patient created a website that
blasted a prominent NY cosmetic dentist. It took 4 years to
remove this website and cost millions in legal fees and lost income.

In 2007, a prominent plastic surgeon had an unhappy patient
create a website about their surgical complications. This website
is still online TODAY and ranks #2 on the search for the
doctor's name and practice.

This story is playing itself out again and again online.
Reputation management is becoming critical. You need to control
your online space before someone else does.

This webinar shows you how to assess, build, track
and monitor your online reputation. You can follow these
simple steps to easily manage your brand and get
positive information cataloging online.



Reputation Management - Protect Your Practice Online
Thurs Oct 21, 2010 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT