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"Piece of Cake"


At theApex Dermatology practice, office manager Brooks Stewart shares her personal experience working with one of Einstein Industries employees, Ryan Gregory. TheLittleton chemical peels dermatology practice feel strongly that Ryan has risen to the top and helped them to fully understand how to manage incoming inquiries from their website. They are pleased that Einstein Industries' Best Practices Program helps to keep them on track with the day to day management of incoming inquiries. Here what Brooks has to say about her experience working with Ryan:

It has been a pleasure to work with Ryan during our time with Einstein. He has been very supportive and patient with me during the entire process of getting the Best Practices program implemented within our practice. It is a pleasure to speak with him when he calls to check in- and he has turned a task that was a little daunting in the beginning into a piece of cake!

Brooks Stewart, Office Manager
Apex Dermatology Group
Juliann Wallner, MD and Alexandra Theriault, MD
Denver, CO