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It Has Been an Eye Opener


At the Apex Dermatology Group, office manager Brooks explains how much the Einstein Industries Best Practices Program helps them to keep track of email inquiries. With this new tool and the consulting from her dedicated Einstein team, the Denver Botox dermatology practice have also learned that responding sooner to patients has helped bring in more potential patients. Read what Brooks has to say about her experience:

"I think the Best Practices Program is a wonderful way to get new referrals and learn about the way our practice handles new inquires. It has been an eye opener to really learn about follow up systems and the support Ryan has given to teach our staff how to follow up with this new type of shopping patient. This has really helped me learn about our practice. I also love the templates Einstein provides because it makes going through the process every day a really easy task. PrePatient is the first thing I do every morning. Once implemented, this system is really easy to manage and is generating several new patients a month. This is definitely worth it!"

Brooks Stewart, Office Manager
Apex Dermatology Group
Juliann Wallner, MD and Alexandra Theriault, MD
Denver, CO