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"I Cannot Tell You How Professional and Thorough the Entire Team at Einstein Was"


Angela keeps busy with running the day to day job duties at the Missoula Breast augmentation practice of Stephen Hardy, MD. Having to work on a new website adds more pressure to her already busy plate. The Team at Einstein Industries knows all too well how to work with all types of practices and tailors the development of a website to meet their needs. With the help of Basecamp, the team maps out the production process from beginning to end with to-dos and milestones. Anytime a step is completed, the practice gets notified. Here what Angela has to say about production process of their recently launched website:

I cannot tell you how professional and thorough the entire team at Einstein was, and with the base camp application they use, it was seamless communication during all steps of the process. Quite honestly, it kept me on my toes a little more that I wanted, at times. They were understanding of my busy schedule, because, lets face it, todays working woman just cant do it all in a given day, and the staff at Einstein was sensitive to my needs as a chief operating officer and a mother. They gave me room where I needed it, but pressed me when they needed it, and sometimes, thats what the boss needs.

Angela Hardy, Practice Administrator
Stephen Hardy