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"The SEO Audit An Invaluable Learning Tool For Me"

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When you invest in a website, you want a way to track your return on investments. Dr. Stephen Hardy, a Missoula Breast augmentation surgeon received a Website and Search Engine Audit from his Einstein Team and found how invaluable it was. It broke down every element of what he currently has and what was needed for him to gain more market visibility in the search engines. Here what Angela, his Practice Administrator has to say about the Website and SEO Audit:

Once I saw how well Einstein helped my presence on the web, it was the introduction of the SEO audit that caught my interest. Increasingly, digital real estate is becoming the way marketing and exposure is maximized, and with the SEO audit provided by Einstein Industries, I was able to see just how effective my real estate was. It was an invaluable learning tool for me, as it helped me to realize the ways in which I needed to build and utilize my website to get the biggest impact for those searching the web. I was amazed how quickly the audit was performed, and how completely the company analyzed my information in the time that they completed the audit. Again, this was invaluable, as we all know the adage is true, time is money. With the information I received from the audit, it seemed only logical that I swallow my pride and ask Einstein to rebuild and host the website that I had entrusted to a local company.

Angela M Hardy
Chief Operating Officer
Missoula, MT