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"Now I See How Powerful and Important SEO Placement Is"

Long time client, Dr. Kelly M. LeBlanc, tells about the results hes seen from his Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy with Einstein Industries. The Houston crowns dentist has experienced putting his advertising funds in Pay Per Click and quickly watched how fast his money went down the drain. After making an investment in SEO and working on a streamlined long-term strategy with his Einstein Team, Dr. LeBlanc can clearly see a return on his investment. Read what he has to say about SEO with Einstein:

I used to think that most of our web traffic was driven by pay-per-click ads. Now I see how powerful and Important SEO placement is to driving patients to our web site. There are so many things that have to be in place and imbedded in the website that trying to do this on our on would be impossible.

Kelly M. LeBlanc, DDS, PC
Houston, TX