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"We're More Prompt in Responding to Inquiries and Disseminating information"


Dr. William Cohen says the Best Practices Program launched his Orange County facial plastic surgery practice to new heights. In terms of patient service, his staff is better equipped to handle communication in a more efficient manner. The surgeon expects his business will continue to soar:

The best practices program has really improved the organization for my practice, managing potential patients that contact me. The tool PrePatient has been a huge help in managing our contacts. We have now become more prompt in responding to inquiries and disseminating information to potential patients. In the first couple of meetings, we established a baseline for communication and looked for areas of improvement. Even with the years of experience in managing contacts, we still found ways to improve our communication. Without the tool PrePatient, we would never have been able to facilitate the management of our contacts, as far managing a time-line for communication, dissemination of the information, and maintaining a database for those contacts.

Dr. William Cohen
The Skin Center
Orange, CA