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The SEO Audit is a Tool that Clearly Assists in Your Web strategy

Dr. Edward Shukovsky of Fairfield County champions Einstein Industries fundamental SEO audit process. The EI audit team provided a detailed assessment of his Fairfield County cosmetic dentistry website, complete with a proposal on how to grow in both the near and long term. After reviewing the audit, the dentist admits he is thoroughly impressed:

The SEO audit is something that makes all the sense in the world and very few website creators do it!!! The SEO audit gives you the information you need to figure out exactly how to optimize your website in your area. It is customized FOR YOUR AREA!!! Right away, as soon as the audit is completed, you are able to map out a strategy for the future. You are no longer guessing that "if I do this will it improve my searches," you will know beforehand. The SEO audit is a tool that clearly assists in your web strategy. Actually, it is essential.

Edward Shukovsky, DMD
Smiles of Connecticut, Edward Shukovsky, DMD
Fairfield County, CT