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"Einstein Industries' Has Developed the Right Technical Way to Manage Email Leads"

Hartford cosmetic dentist, Dr. N. Summer Lerch, says her practice runs more smoothly these days. Since opting for the Best Practice Program at Einstein Industries, The Center for Esthetic Dentistry engages more personally and successfully with prospective patients, effectively tracking the return on investment. Below, Dr. Lerch describes the impact on her staff:

Every good dental professional knows there is a right clinical way to do things. For them, Einstein Industries has developed the right technical way to manage email leads, new patient flow, conversion ratios, and timely electronic communications with that most valuable of commoditiesthe person who is newly interested in your practice.

In this age of IMing, Facebook, and instant communications, very quick response is key to setting my practice apart. Not only that, Einsteins Best Practices Program has enabled my front desk staff to do the work of two people in half the time. It has made our office more communicative and responsive on an hourly basis. We are all having more fun, because we know we can influence all of the different conversations our soon-to-be new patients are in.

N. Summer Lerch, DDS
Center for Esthetic Dentistry
New Haven, CT