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Working With PrePatient Is Like Having An Assistant Working For Me

The Center for Esthetic Dentistry, Nancy Summer Lerch, D.D.S., is a New Haven, CT porcelain veneers practice that has implemented Einstein Industries' Best Practice Program to help organized, track, and convert on their patient leads coming to their practice. Here is what Gail Kuziel has to say...

When I was first introduced to PrePatient, I must admit I was a little apprehensive and thought, "Oh no, please not another software to learn." Then Will spent quite some time with me going over the program; how it works and how it would help to organize and covert patient leads. I was responding to my leads through my e-mail and when I needed to follow up on a lead. I would have to search through all of my mails to find it. Now with PrePatient, all of my leads are oragnized by date and status. PrePatient, for me, is like having an assistant working with me, making tracking and following up on leads fun and rewarding!

Gail Kuziel, Patient Care Coordinator & Smile Design Consultant
The Art of Smiles
New Haven, CT