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SOCIAL MEDIA 201 - What People Are Saying About The Webinar!


Another great webinar is in the can! Check out the recorded version soon. Read these amazing testimonials from practices around the world. Thanks to everyone who attended this webinar and keep your eyes on the site for upcoming webinars from Einstein Medical.

"It was great !! Very informative and interesting - I really liked it and am enthusiastic about exploring Einstein's services as a direct result."

Ava Gonda
Brooklyn, NY
"All of your webinars are worth the time - I appreciate you sharing your knowledge - a good cross reference for me. Thanks!"

John Harris
Harris Advertising
"My brain is full with Facebooking and Twittering! Very, very informative. Lots of ideas now on the social media world."

Dr. Tom Armstrong
Bakersfield, CA
"I learned that it is most important to direct people to your website and all events on posted on facebook should be on your website. It is most important to develop a quality email list. The biggest problem for us is finding people to like us. We need to build our network. It was very helpful."

Mary O'Malley
Cosmedent Inc.
Chicago, IL
"I learned the building blocks for social media and practice building - very informative"

Wanda Phillips
Manhattan, NY
"SO MUCH learned about facebook ads and events - LOVED IT."

Marissa Lawerence
Atlanta, GA
"Very informative... good basic info on how to use Facebook - Excellent!"

Margaret Pagel
Estero, FL
"I think the section on building your network will be very helpful. I have a lot of work to do! Good concise info - helpful."

Beckie Reeves
Ft. Meyers, FL