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RECORDED WEBINAR - Meet The Experts Dr. Andrew Holzman Marketing Secrets


To access this webinar simply click the link at the bottom. It is password protected if you registered for the original webinar the password was emailed to you. If you did not register, you can get the password by calling 866-337-5456 or send an email to:


Meet The Experts - Dr. Andrew Holzman - Marketing Secrets

LASIK surgeons are considered some of the most competitive and aggressive marketers in all of medicine - doctors in ANY specialty will gain insight from this eye opening lecture.

Dr. Holzman is a consummate marketer and an interesting speaker. Hear how his practice has evolved and what marketing and training secrets he's learned in the HIGHLY competitive Washington DC market.

At this webinar you will:
- Learn staff training secrets
- Hear a live Q&A session with the Dr. Holzman
- Discover what marketing has worked and what has failed
- Review the conversion process start to finish
- Learn patient conversion secrets
- Learn where medical marketing is going next