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Einstein's Flash is Classy and Interesting Without Being Overdone


A Minneapolis facelift surgeon, Richard Tholen, M.D. specializes in making people look their absolute best. He also believes that having a great looking website is just as important to his business. With services such as SEO, Video, and DocShop listings, our client opted for Flash animation, one more element to take his online presence to the next level. The Einstein Industries production team of designers and flash engineers has perfected the use of Flash animation that enhances a websites look and feel, as Dr. Tholen attests:

Our website home page flash animation shows what a thousand words cannot, and it drives patient interest, contacts, and ultimately, surgery. Einstein's flash is classy and interesting without being overdone or annoying to prospective patients!

Richard Tholen, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, Ltd.
Minneapolis, MN