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Einstein Webinar Archive
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Convert your patients by improving the quality of your presentations. Create professional slide shows of your results that can be played by anyone on your staff with a simple mouse click. Add transitions and sound to make world class presentations for your seminars and new patient consults. It's an amazing tool to increase case acceptance and practice workflow.


What systems do you have in place at your practice to convert prospects into patients? This webinar focuses on proven systems to build rapport, create comfort, write intake scripts and help you and your staff turn a warm lead into a happy, paying patient.


New DocShop Generating Amazing Results

The New DocShop has been active for just 60 days and the results are amazing. Doctors like you from around the world are getting more patients through our system than ever. We're focused generating leads and then CONVERTING them. We're helping practices improve intake systems, staff trainings and conversion techniques -- while really improving their bottom line. For July we are extending our 100% free trial. There is nothing to lose and new patients to gain. It's a great way to get a taste of the value you can expect from a listing in DocShop. Fill out the form below or call 866.392.7388 to get started today.


Patient Education Videos Improve Conversion

One of the best ways to take your website to the next level is to add video patient education. It instantly separates you from the competition and makes your website a web 2.0 interactive resource.

Einstein Medical is proud to be partnered with Understand.com to create the Video Patient Education Library. It's simple to integrate and improves patient experience and conversion immediately.

Best of all, you can get up and running in a few hours, rather than the MONTHS of production it would require to create yourself.

Check out these plug and play videos placed into an actual website. Click the link below:

Interested in learning more?

Call 866.392.7388 or fill out the form below:


DocShop 30 Day Free Trial


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Dr. Kathy Doody

Einstein Medical has helped us with our website over the years and their search engine optimization has really helped us in terms of increasing patient hits to our clinic. Dr. Kathy Doody www.embryo.net


Dr. Charles Perry

The Internet has been tremendous for our patients. They love being able to go online and get their instructionstheir post-operative instructions, learn about their procedures and get their questions answered. Having video testimonials from previous patients or having people be able to meet me before they come into the office often allows them to feel much more comfortable and confident with seeing us. This video and the Internet has been a tremendous boon for our practice and I think the educational value it offers for patients 24/7 is one of the greatest technological advances weve had in medicine in quite a few years. Dr. Charles Perry www.sacramentoplastics.com


DocShop Case Study


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DocShop's Lead Generation Model a Runaway Success for Einstein Industries

DocShop.com has been the flagship of Einstein Industries for more than a decade. The website's most recent innovation is designed to give consumers a more robust online healthcare search experience and has yielded staggering results. The new DocShop is the company's most powerful online marketing engine to date.
DocShop's new lead generation system takes full advantage of the site's powerful online presence and helps convert users into quality, trackable leads to doctors across the country
It helps consumers find exceptional healthcare and shows doctors exactly how far their marketing dollar can go.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) June 3, 2009 -- Einstein Industries has been busy updating and improving its online healthcare website, DocShop.com, and after years of refinement, the results speak for themselves. In the last three years alone, DocShop.com has undergone a massive consolidation, released an online healthcare magazine, added thousands of education pages, an


Einstein Video Newsletter - May 27. 2009


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Einstein Industries Turns Heads, Famous Genius Attends ASAPS Meeting


In the midst of intense development and innovation, Einstein Industries decided to have a little fun at the 2009 American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery annual meeting and trade show in Las Vegas. As a result many attendees were delighted when a familiar face greeted them the trade show floor that of Albert Einstein.

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Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) May, 20 2009 The appearance of a very convincing Albert Einstein impersonator caught more than a few people by surprise and crea