Six Common Medical Advertising Mistakes

Read six common reasons that your marketing campaign just isn't performing up to par. Low frequency, low quality, and more things for your practice to avoid...

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Recorded Webinar: Digital Photography For The Medical Practice

Learn how to take portraits of your best marketing tools, your work!

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The NEW DocShop Before and After Gallery (Screencast)

A walk through of the new DocShop before and after gallery. Check out the amazing search functionality to browse through thousands of results from around the world. It's a really cool new feature of DocShop.

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Six Types Of Staff People That Sell Well

Your staff is your most valuable (and expensive!) sales tool. The energy they bring and the training they receive directly correlates to the practice bottom line. Sales skills can be learned but some people have skill sets that directly lend themselves to the sales process.


1. People that are outgoing, friendly, and assertive

These people tend to be much luckier with case acceptance. Thats because these traits are more prone to case acceptance than their opposites. Of course outgoing gets more response than introverted! Assertive is a particularly interesting personality trait. It is a person who is balanced between passive and aggressive (both of which tend to turn people off in the sales process). Assertive people treat people with respect but also demand respect for themselves. Its a great trait for cutting through BS and getting into a frank and open discussion. Many practices we wor


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Read what other doctors have to say about Einstein Webinars

Our webinars have trained literally thousands of doctors, staff and managers. Read what your peers have to say about our Medical Advertising topic...


Learned typeface info and to lead with benefits. Learned better case presentation and conversion techniques. Learned about getting patients to say yes. It was good, glad I listened!

Dr. Drew Shulman
philadelphia PA


Great ideas to incorporate in my web site. Very helpful.

Pari Samani
Tualatin OR


It was very good... I learned my ads are too crowded. Excellent presentation.

Gloria De Olarte<

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