Great Video, Great Storytelling!

If you are interested in effectively marketing your medical practice with online video, you found the right blog. Why waste time? Here's my simple point: Great video is usually the result of great storytelling.

Every video should tell a story. The goal of every medical video should be to move people, to educate them, and/or to get potential patients to pick up the phone and call your practice, email you, or walk in your front door. Video will absolutely convert those patients if it's done right.

One of our best examples is from a client of ours in Cincinnati, Ohio, Mercy Healthy Weight Solutions. When you watch this clip over at Mercy Healthy Weight Solutions, you'll see what I mean. The woman featured here was as "real" as the day is long. She tells her story, and she is not scripted. Wow.

I won't bore you with the many

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Video Testimonial Success Story - Dr. Ray Morgan

Dr. Ray Morgan has a successful dental practice in Atlanta, Georgia. Einstein Dental helped his practice reach new heights by paying offering a wide variety of web marketing services. Sounds like a perfect marriage right?

But sometimes in life, things can go astray. A series of unfortunate events occurred that almost forced Dr. Morgan to pack his bags and leave Einstein Dental for good. But as youll see from this video success story, both sides got together for all the right reasons and finished strong, making this one of our proudest and most humbling client experiences weve had to date.

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Einstein Video Player 4.0 Rolls Out - Sharper, Faster, Better, Stronger!

Clients, patients and news outlets rejoice! It's the clearest, smoothest video we've ever seen online. Streaming from a server so fast it has been accused of being from the future - this video is downright amazing in sharpness and speed. Check it out:

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New "Social Media" friendly Video Player

There is a new "player" in the world of online video and it's one of those things that you have to see to believe.
We've been telling all of our clients about the new Einstein Industries Video Player (the 4.0 version) and the response has been nothing short of overwhelming.
You absolutely have to see it, so let's show it to you right now: Here's the link:

This is the new larger than life player that is on one of Einstein Medical's sites in the Northeast, Northeastern Plastic Surgery. The benefits are obvious. The player itself is enormous, almost "flat-screen" like. The picture is as crisp as if you were watching a plastic surgery episode on the Discovery Health Channel. But to me, one of the most exciting aspects of this new player is the social media benefits. When people watch these videos, they can contact our client from the player, they ca

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VIDEO: An amazing case study about the trials and tribulations of web development - with a happy ending!

We're really proud to get Dr. Ray Morgan's website up and online. It was a process and one we've documented in this new video. Check out the highs and lows of building a website. Sometimes it takes some tough love to make these websites come out properly. We're always up for it! A HUGE THANK YOU TO THE DEV TEAM AND DR RAY MORGAN. flowplayer("player", "", { key: '@81b3c6a63e52d3b5fb3'} );

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