Six Legitimate Business Goals Of A Social Media Campaign

Social medias stereotype as a massive time waster comes from millions of people actually wasting extraordinary amounts of time on it. Here are some legitimate business goals to keep your team focused on why youre really doing this...


1. Add new patients

At some level, all marketing is a touch point. Its a place to get your phone number in front of a potential patient. Its a place to create a connection with the patient. Its a place to show you care. Social media is a great way to get in front of more eyes. The number one goal of your social media campaign is adding new patients. Everything you write and all the pieces you put in there should be to grow your practice. Make sure your marketing people remember that, too. Its easy to get wrapped up in the technology, FORGET why were doing social media, and waste a lot of time.


2. Support


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Sales Training For The Medical Practice Webinar Met With RAVE Reviews

This webinar really helped clarify the confusion, for non techies, a lot of the aspects of following up on leads using new technology. Anything to help improve understanding of the world of internet marketing, lead follow up, and social media for those of us who are technology dinosaurs. Einstein always has excellent events covering a wide range of online technology and aspects of the modern health practice.

Dr. Tom Armstrong
Bakersfield CA

I learned how to better deliver a positive image. Very helpful.

Dr. Marc Kayem
Los Angeles CA

I need to think more about smell in my lobby, even though I don't like heavy scents from sprays and burning candles I probably need to find some common ground between what many of m

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Convert Leads To Patients

CONVERT LEADS TO PATIENTS Become better at sales Connect emotionally with customers Creating a strong sales environment

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Five Secrets For Responding To Negative Criticism


1. Stay cool.

Think, what would the Fonz do? Then do that. Its just not the end of the world. Nobody bats a thousandpeople understand you can get bad reviews. You can improve. You can work on this. You can make it better. Dont freak out. Theres not that much competition under your name. You can get good information out there under your name. Most reputation management issues start with a search for your name and you dont like the result. Your whole practice is not going to crumble. Youre going to be able to take care of this.


2. Dont get defensive and respond online.

Some people are just ragers; theyre just angry people. Dont get sucked into communicating online with someone. Its a dead end. Youre just giving the thing legs and fanning the flames for the search engines to pick up on a


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Six Ways To Stop A Reputation Problem Before It Starts

1. Be accessible.

Most problems stem from anger caused by lack of communication. The more accessible and transparent you are the better. Take the patients call. Deal with problems head on before they go online. The sooner you can address the upset person, the happier theyre going to be - its a classic customer service idea.

2. Be proactive.

If 20 people have given you good online reviews and someone writes a bad review, thats not such a big deal. If no one has given you a good review and someone gives you a bad review you have 100% bad reviews! Proactively assess your reputation and take steps towards controlling it. Build into your systems things that look for problems before they start. Thinking about your reputation before it completely hits the fan is a great idea. You dont want the oldest and most important thi

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