Blog User Guide


Problem: “The Blog page just keeps loading”
Likely Cause: Using Internet Explorer and Vista.
Solution:  Please use the Firefox Web Browser for the most trouble free experience.

Problem: “The paragraph changes size with the heading”
Likely Cause: The heading is too close to the paragraph which includes it in the formatting.
Solution:  Increase the number of spaces between the heading and the paragraph, select your preferred heading size, and then delete the spaces. Alternatively, you can view the Blog post in HTML using the ‘Source’ button and ensure that the headers and paragraphs are appropriately coded. Headers should be contained within the following brackets -


- while paragraphs should be contained wholly within

your content


Problem: “The body doesn’t appear below the summary”
Likely Cause: Using Internet Explorer.
Solution:  Please use the Firefox Web Browser for the most trouble free experience.

Problem: “My latest post isn’t showing up on the Blog page”
Likely Cause: The post was not set to ‘Publish’.
Solution: Go back into the Blog post, scroll down and change the status from ‘Draft’ to ‘Publish’.

Problem: “My Blog isn’t going out to my Facebook”
Likely Causes:
A) The Social Media Kit service was not purchased.
Solution: Please contact your Sales Rep.
B) A check mark was not put in the Post to social media box.
Solution: Edit post, set to ‘Draft’ and update. Go back into Edit Post, ensure the Post to social media box is checked, set to Publish, and ‘Update’.
C) The Facebook password was recently changed.
Solution: Send your new password to the Einstein Help Desk.

Problem: “I clicked ‘Update and Preview’ and when I went back to my Blog post it was empty”
Likely Cause: Browser Cache issue.
Solution: Log back into your Blog and click on the post title to edit that post.

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