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Forever Websites

Building a website is difficult if you don't have the resources to create compelling, informative pages that attract patients.

A Forever Website is the last site you'll ever need. With no contracts or startup fees, you can start drawing attention to your brand now.

What makes a Forever Website right for virtually every elective healthcare professional?

A forever website promotes your practice with exceptional content

Content Athenaeum

The Einstein Content Athenaeum consists of dozens of premium SEO content pages that are 10 times better than any standard page on the internet. Every page is patient-focused and contains compelling educational copy and high-quality, medical-grade media that encourages the reader to contact your practice.

Meets Google's Best Standards

We dedicate countless hours and resources to finding out what makes sites succeed on Google and implementing these standards on our clients' sites. Forever Websites are fast, educational, and built for the user. By upgrading to our premium SEO content subscription, you can optimize select pages to promote the services you want to provide more often.

Customizable to Your Needs

Every practice is different. We cater to the diverse budgets and goals of every client by providing affordable websites as well as more comprehensive packages that include local SEO services and custom content. Your Forever Website can be customized to match the brand color and feel of your practice so you can build trust with potential patients. We can also help you adapt to the new landscape by shifting your strategy to focus on providing quality service virtually. 

Billions of phone calls ​begin with an online search

Boost business ​with a forever website

You need to get found online, and we know how to make it happen. Call us:

(858) 459-1182 

Most new clients are unhappy
with their current, non-Einstein site

A majority of clients who contact Einstein Medical are unhappy with the current performance of their site because they are not getting the search engine rankings or online lead generations they want. 

While it can take some time for your new site to gain traction, most clients who switch to Einstein notice a huge difference and are happy with their decision.

We handle your site so you can focus on your practice

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As a physician or healthcare provider, you shouldn't have to worry about staying current with the intricacies of online marketing, SEO, or SEM. Your time should be spent building relationships with your patients.

At Einstein, we understand the needs of healthcare professionals. Over the past 20 years, we have continuously improved our processes to make online marketing as simple and efficient as we can for our clients. We take care of every aspect of your account. Once we have all the necessary details to customize your site, you can sit back and watch your website grow

Have a particularly busy practice? Designate a point of contact who can coordinate with us moving forward.

A better website ​is within your reach

Every day that you don't have a new website is a day that you are missing out on new patients. Call us today:

 (858) 459-1182 

Pages that outperform your competitors ​& engage your readers

Our team & technology ​work for you

When you sign up for a Forever Website, you automatically have access to all that Einstein has to offer, including our: 

  • Lucid CMS system: Want to update your content in the future? We constantly upgrade our content management system to make it more user-friendly, so you can easily make changes and additions to your premium SEO content or homepage on your own.
  • Dedicated team: Our team of client success managers is always available to address your concerns. With the purchase of a Forever Website, you also get some of the best engineers, designers, and content creators working together to grow your site.
  • Automatic upgrades: We continuously update Forever Websites to make sure that they are fast, functional, and useful. Regular content and design upgrades are included in the cost of your subscription.

The typical timeline ​with Einstein Medical

Although the process for every client is unique, here is what you can generally expect: 
We can roll out your website in phases or all at once, depending on your preferences.
We can roll out your website in phases or all at once, depending on your preferences.

Contact Us

During a one-on-one phone call, our team of experts will get to know you and your practice's needs.

Audit Your Site

One of our content strategists will review your current site and create a detailed strategy that shows what Einstein can do for you.

Approve Your Strategy

When you are happy with the proposed direction of your new website, you will approve your strategy and we will get started. 

Provide Us with Information

Fill out a simple on-boarding form that provides us with important details about your practice, featured services, and more.

In 10 Days

If you simply purchased a new Forever Website, we can launch your new homepage, supported by our content athenaeum, in 10 days.
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In 30 Days

If you are bringing existing content from your old site to your new site, we can generally launch in a month.
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Maintaining your site ​after launch

When your website launches, you can sit back and focus on what really matters: your patients. Because Forever Websites are upgraded automatically, they are very low-maintenance compared to websites built on Wordpress, Squarespace, or other CMS systems. 

If you want to be more proactive about generating online leads, you can also invest in paid media campaigns after your site launches. Our in-house team of SEO specialists can build compelling, custom ad campaigns that show first in search results and encourage users to click on your site.

Get started with Einstein Medical

We can audit your website and take it from bland to brilliant. Simply call us:

(858) 459-1182

Your website practically pays for itself ​within the first month

Many of our clients experience a sudden spike in leads as soon as they launch their new website. As we roll out the next phases of their launch, the returns on their investment become even more apparent

In a recent case, one of our plastic surgery clients had to pause the pay-per-click campaigns she was running through Einstein because she became too busy and did not have enough time in her schedule to accept new patients.

"I cannot express enough how much we enjoy working with Einstein! Our website is beautiful and user friendly! If you are looking for a company who cares about your needs and consistently looks for ways to improve your web presence, Einstein is it! We appreciate you!" Clarksville Smiles
"An unbelievable experience!!! Any potential clients will definitely, not be disappointed. The reps are absolutely fantastic in their website creation and their service is exceptional!!!" Jason Nakagawa, Optometrist

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“I have been working with Einstein Medical for 3 years. Girard Evalle and Michael Berman have been wonderful to work with. Everything that we have planned with regards to SEO, Lead generation , website rankings and website design have been excellent. Highly recommended.” - Gaston Tessada, Managing Director of Oasis of Hope Hospital
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