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Virtual Practice

In the new normal, many practices are wondering how to keep the appointment books full and continue providing care to patients.

The answer is to establish a virtual practice. Einstein Medical can help you use this tool to make your practice grow and thrive.

Why should I make virtual consultations a cornerstone of my practice?

Man completing virtual consultation

The Proof Is in the Searches

Users speak through their searches. The search trends reported by Microsoft clearly demonstrate that in the new normal, patients want to use services like Zoom, Facetime, and Skype to meet with physicians.

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10 MORE REASONS To Offer Virtual Consultations

Increased Revenue

Many practices are completely closed, but when you make it convenient for patients to meet with you online, you can continue to keep the appointment books full.

Improved Efficiency

You can conduct more virtual consultations than in-person consultations in the span of a day. More consultations equal a greater number of inquiries becoming your new patients.

Fewer No-Shows

Virtual consultations are a better fit for most schedules, minimizing the likelihood of no-shows. Meanwhile, we can set up auto-responses to make sure potential patients know they are heard and valued, even when no one is available to personally respond to inquiries.

Attract the Best Leads

Virtual consultations make it easier to identify patients who are certain that they want your service. This allows you to invest fewer resources in patients who are still “shopping around.”

Find Qualified Patients

This approach allows you to screen your patients, review their medical histories, and prepare them for the procedures ahead of their in-office visits. This can further decrease their time in the office and enhance the overall patient experience.

Be Prepared for Unforeseen Challenges

Once you make virtual consultations a part of your practice, you will be far better equipped to navigate challenges such as unplanned closures. Einstein Medical is here to make certain you are prepared to handle and adapt to any challenges that affect your practice.

Build Your Waiting List

Virtual consultations are a valuable opportunity to demonstrate that you are the right provider for a patient's needs. Trust between you and your patients is integral to the success of your practice, and virtual consultations are an effective way to establish trust when an in-person consultation is not feasible.

Gain First-Mover Advantage

By being the first among your competitors to offer a virtual practice program, you can be ready to serve the first wave of patients who specifically seek out virtual appointments. While competitors struggle to keep up, you can make sure your schedule stays full and profitable.

Increase Your Market Share

Virtual consults are not a temporary measure. The sheer convenience it offers will result in more patients requesting this service under any circumstances. In this way, you can increase your market share by meeting this demand while your competitors fall behind.

Meet the Pent-Up Patient Demand

Virtual consultations allow you to prepare a patient right up to the day of their procedure. By keeping the screening process in place, you can meet the needs of more patients when you are ready to resume business as usual.

"I Was Able to See Results Immediately."


Nathan Lesley


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As an orthopedic surgeon relocating and expanding my practice, I was in need of a professional, sophisticated company to manage my online presence. Einstein medical has filled this need and exceeded my expectations.

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In less than a year I have improved my ranking by 3 pages on a google search and have seen a ~150% increase in website traffic over my previous year. In marketing with Einstein I was able to see results immediately.

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Establish Your Virtual Practice with Einstein Medical

Establishing a virtual practice involves much more than simply creating a Zoom or Skype account. You've got to publicize the fact that you offer this service, make it easy for those who want this service to know it's available through your practice, and make absolutely certain that these consultations are HIPAA-compliant.

Einstein Medical can take care of these important steps so you can concentrate on doing what you do best – providing the exceptional care and attention that your patients deserve. To get started in making sure your practice is equipped to meet the demands of patients in the new normal, we invite you to contact us online or call our office today:

         (858) 459-1182

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Preparing for In-Person Office Visits: Educating Patients on Your Safety Protocols

For the foreseeable future, the current situation is going to make patients understandably concerned about visiting any medical office in person. As part of establishing your virtual practice, Einstein Medical is prepared to create content that is sensitive to these concerns and explains your safety protocols in detail. Our content specialists will carefully outline each and every measure your practice is taking to minimize risks and maintain patient safety before, during, and after treatment. We can also provide content explaining the steps that patients themselves can take in order to minimize risk. This component of your virtual practice is an invaluable way to establish trust and ensure that these remote consultations result in the opportunity to deliver the exceptional care your patients need. 

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Safety Measures For Both Practices and Patients

Protecting every patient's safety requires that both practices and patients themselves follow very specific guidelines. Our content specialists can create an engaging list of safety measures that your practice is currently taking, as well as the guidelines that patients must follow when visiting your office. These can include:

Requiring that all staff and patients wear a face mask.

Taking every patient's temperature and inquiring about any symptoms prior to treatment.


Asking patients to cancel their appointment if they are symptomatic in any way, or suspect that they have been exposed.


Requiring any patients who are running late to reschedule. This is an important means of minimizing the number of people in the office, and no exceptions will be made.

Asking patients to use the stairs when entering and exiting practices with offices on the upper levels of multistory buildings. For patients who are unable to use the stairs, the elevator will be available. 

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Limiting accompanying family members to one per patient. Ideally, patients should come alone.

Why Choose Einstein Medical?

Enhance Your Virtual Footprint

In addition to these services, we can also provide powerful add-ons to give your virtual practice even greater visibility:

  • Google PPC Ads: We will create special paid advertising to help your virtual practice attract even more potential patients.
  • Blog Posts: We can enhance the visibility of your virtual practice through original blog posts that give patients further information about this service.
  • Social Media Awareness Campaign: Einstein Medical will create engaging social media posts on your behalf, making certain that those who are already aware of your practice know about your virtual consultation services.
  • Email Campaign: Our content specialists will draft emails to further publicize your virtual practice and provide information about how patients can take advantage of it.

If you make one single change to the way you run your practice or attract new patients, this should be it. Our team makes it simple to become a virtual practice and establish yourself as a frontrunner in this increasingly competitive area.

"We Have Had Tremendous Success."


Kenneth Bailey


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Establishing a relationship with a new business partner, particularly on something as important as a website requires a high level of trust, and so far Einstein seems committed to earning that trust through their daily efforts and actions.

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We have had tremendous success with our marketing efforts since launching our site with Einstein and have complete trust in their knowledge and expertise.

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