Make a Powerful First Impression

“Teeth are attached to people, so I treat people first. Then they give me the opportunity and privilege to treat their teeth and oral health.”Dr. Ron Bosher

Video allows you to take control over that crucial first impression you make on prospective patients. They will feel as though they are getting to know you, not simply about you. This will help to give them the confidence to contact your practice and schedule that all-important first appointment.

According to comScore, users are more than twice as likely to take an action step such as contacting your practice after viewing a video.

Your Patients Won’t Stop Talking about You

“Dr. Malki is a gem, and I can’t really say enough about him.  As far as being my dentist, he is my hero.”Mindy Egan,
Patient of Malki Dental

Through video testimonials, your patients will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with real and compelling stories of their positive experiences at your practice.  There is no marketing tool more powerful than patient referrals, and video allows you to have a library full of them. 
Cybergenica reported that websites with video testimonials increased sales on average by 56 percent, versus an 18 percent increase with plain text testimonials.

Gain an Advantage over Your Competition

“For more than 30 years, our family name has stood for dentistry, for honesty, for a tradition of excellence.”Dr. Gary Silverstrom,
The Silverstrom Group

Video that is sharp and crisp, flowing at the perfect pace and telling an engaging story, will captivate the attention of users as no other content can. We can provide you with video that looks every bit as professional as you are, giving you a tremendous advantage over your competition. 
An Unruly study found that when viewers enjoy commercial videos, their “purchase intent” is raised by 97 percent.

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If a picture is worth a thousand words...

...what is a video worth?

Create Emotional Connections

“It was wonderful to have possibilities again. I could see! I could actually see what was out there. I was so excited.”VeeDawn Olsen,
Patient of Hammond Eye Institute

Emotions have tremendous influence on the purchasing decisions of consumers. Through video testimonials, you can present emotionally powerful examples of your ability not just to improve the appearance of your patients, but to improve their self-esteem, restore their confidence, and enhance their lives.
Another comScore study discovered a 30-percent increase in the number of consumers “willing to pay more” for a product or service after watching a positive video review.

Become More Visible on the Search Engines

“The steady increase in my video traffic has been great.  Patients come in feeling as though they already know me.”Dr. Kellyn Hodges

For any given search, Google wants to direct people to websites that will provide them with a great user experience. Sites that feature video in addition to written content are more likely to be seen as good resources of information and will often be ranked above sites without video.
According to a Marketing Week study, video results appeared in nearly 70 percent of the top 100 search listings on Google in 2012.

Make It Easy for Your Patients to Promote You

“Working with Dr. Yee was wonderful. Now I feel great. People look at me and say, ‘You’re a new person.”Larry,
Patient of Dr. Suzanne Yee

Whether someone views your video in your website or on a site like YouTube, he or she will only have to click the “Share” button to pass it along to friends, family, colleagues, and other acquaintances.  It’s that simple.  One click and your video will reach an entirely new audience of prospective patients.

A study conducted by Simply Measured reported that videos were shared 1200% more times than links and text combined.

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What Is the Cost of Doing Video?

The road to a successful video can be confusing. The cost of your custom video will depend on your answers to several important questions:

  • How competitive is your marketplace?
  • How many pages of your website do not have video?
  • How many patients are willing to provide a video testimonial?
  • How many doctors are in your practice?
  • What is the message you would like to convey?

We Have the Answers

A complimentary consultation will map out the answers to these questions and set you on the road toward the video strategy that is right for you.

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