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The Pages of your website are displayed in the hierarchy child/parent format. Notice that all pages are children of the Home page. These child pages of Home are your primary navigation and should not be renamed or repositioned.

To display the children of a parent page, click the arrow to the left of the page name. This will expand the page and display its children. You can also view all pages by clicking the 'Expand All' link to the right of the page count. Clicking on the page name will navigate to that page in the Page Edit view. If you have unpublished changes you will see the word ‘Modified’ in red like you see in the image above. To publish those changes you can navigate to that page and click the ‘Publish’ button in the floating toolbar or you can click the ‘Publish all modified pages’ link to publish all saved changes. From this page you can also View deleted pages.

Tip: You should never delete a page. If a page no longer has relevant content then you should hide the page. (See page 9 for details on how to hide a page)

Find and Replace

In the example above, we are replacing the name of our business from Einstein Industries to Einstein Medical. To access this help function, go to the Pages tab and click ‘Find and replace’, enter the word or term you wish to Find and Replace and click the ‘Find and replace’ button. Next review the replacements in the preview below and click ‘confirm’.  The Find feature will locate any instance of a certain word.

Tip: Once you have completed the Find and Replace, you will need to Publish the pages before your changes are visible on the live site.

Hover Options

More options appear when you hover over a page name. You can move any child page up or down in relationship to its sibling by clicking the single arrow  to the right of the word Published. Clicking the double arrow will move that page to the top of the list. To the right of the sort arrows are four more options. Click the   icon to add a child page. To add an external link that is displayed in the navigation like a child page, click the   icon. Your EinsteinApps Blog and Gallery are examples of external links.
Click the   icon to change the name of a page.

Tip:  When adding pages carefully consider which parent, or subject, the new page should fall under.

Adding a Page

When adding a child page, user the "Add Child Page" hover option under the Parent page that Child page will fall under. On the New Page view, select the parent page from the dropdown. Next, choose the name of the page and enter it in the ‘Name’ field. Then put the name of the page into the Path field and remove any spaces or replace spaces with single hyphens. Select ‘default’ as the Page and Site templates. Put a check mark in the ‘Published’ field and click ‘Save changes’. You can return to these settings anytime by clicking the ‘Edit’ link in the ‘Page’ view. You can continue to work on a page and hide it from the public by putting a check mark in the ‘Exclude from nav’ checkbox. The Exclude from site map check box will also keep pages from appearing in the footer navigation. In the 'Include In Navigations' section, a check mark in the box next to the navigation you wish your page to appear in will add the page to that navigation. You can then go to the 'Navigations' tab to order the pages within that navigation.

Caution! Changing the paths of your pages will result in broken links and can harm your website’s performance in search engines like Google. Changing the name of the page will not affect your website adversely.

Caution! Moving any parent page (all pages 1 indent from home) may break your sites navigation. You should only move child pages.

Einstein Medical

For over 20 years, Einstein Medical has been meeting the digital marketing needs of elective healthcare professionals around the world. We are constantly improving our products to stay up-to-date with the search engines, help patients find you, and increase your lead generation.

We work closely with some of the most respected medical providers in many fields, including: 

  • Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Optometry 
  • Ophthalmology 
  • Dermatology
  • Bariatric Surgery

Speak with our team of experts by calling us at (858) 459-1182. You can also send us a message online.

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