Increase Your Revenue

Our system allows you to make treatment more affordable without having to discount your fees. You will expand your patient base, increase patient satisfaction and loyalty, and save valuable time, ultimately maximizing your profits. You will have control over patient approvals, payment terms, and interest rates while our team of experts takes care of the behind-the-scenes administrative tasks.

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Manage Your Risk

Whenever patients apply for credit, you will receive an instant risk assessment. This will include a wealth of information about their “payment-worthiness™,” including their credit, banking, and fraud ratings. You will be able to make confident, informed decisions regarding patient financing.

Once you have approved a patient, you will determine the down payment. You can further minimize your risk by establishing a down payment that covers at least your hard costs, such as materials and lab bills. We offer a low-risk, high-reward approach to patient financing.

How Comprehensive Finance® Works

Although you are establishing and controlling the payment plans, we will administer them on your behalf under the brand name Compassionate Finance®. From the perspective of your patients, they will be dealing with a third-party lender. All correspondence regarding their payment plans will be conducted under this brand name.

One of the primary benefits of the Comprehensive Finance system is that it is extremely simple, involving just a few steps:


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Patient application submission: The patient will fill out a brief online form to apply for financing through Compassionate Finance. One of your team members will input the information contained in this application into our online payment management platform (PMP).

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Approval: This information will be used to determine the patient’s “payment-worthiness™.” At this point, you will decide whether to approve the patient’s request for financing.

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Establishing the terms of the loan: You decide the down payment, the interest rate, and the repayment schedule. Print out the necessary documents for the patient to sign, such as the promissory note and Automated Clearing House (ACH) agreement, and then fax the signed documents to us.

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Let us take care of the rest: Patient payments are automatically debited from their checking accounts by Compassionate Finance® and placed into your checking account on a weekly basis. All day-to-day payment processing and loan management are handled on our end.

Maintain Control

Through Real-Time Tracking and Reporting

You and your staff will receive full training on how to use our online payment management platform (PMP). From anywhere in the world, at any time, you will be able to:

  • Screen and approve loan activity
  • Monitor and track patient payments
  • Manage patient documents
  • Archive records
  • Arrange work-flows
  • Download documents and reports regarding outstanding loans
  • Assess the success of your patient financing solutions

You are encouraged to contact your account advisor whenever you have questions about the PMP or require guidance on managing your loans.

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How Is Creditworthiness Determined?

These days, traditional third-party lenders are approving just over 50 percent of patients who apply for credit. This is largely because they are basing their decisions on the creditworthiness of applicants, using credit scores as their primary gauge.

We examine a broader range of criteria to determine the “payment-worthiness™” of patients. Many patients who would be denied credit by traditional lenders are actually very likely to repay their loans when other factors are taken into consideration.

How Is Interest Rate Calculated?

You can set the interest rate at whatever percentage you like. In most states, the interest rate can fall anywhere between 0 and 18 percent. Our financing experts will suggest an optimal interest rate to you based on our evaluation of a patient, but you are free to set it lower or higher as you see fit.


How Is the Down Payment Determined?

Again, this is entirely up to you. As stated above, we recommend that you collect a down payment that will cover at least all of your out-of-pocket expenses. This way, no matter what happens, you won’t be risking a significant loss. A general rule of thumb is to collect 20 percent of the estimated total cost of treatment up front.


What about the Terms of Repayment?

You have control over the terms of the loan, as well. Spread the payments out however you wish for up to 60 months. Of course, your account advisor will gladly recommend the terms best suited to each individual case.


What If a Patient Misses One or More Payments?

As a full-service partner in financing, we will take care of all soft and hard collections on your behalf. We will work with your patients to help them catch up with their payments, offering multiple solutions that will return them to good-standing. Unlike most traditional lenders, we will not penalize your patients by raising their interest rates or hitting them with harsh penalties. Such reactions only make it harder for them to resume a regular payment schedule.

Over the years, we have had remarkably few delinquencies and defaults, proving the effectiveness of our respectful and helpful approach to dealing with late payments.