A Comprehensive Marketing Solution

What is DocShop?

DocShop combines Local SEO, patient education, and the most trusted directory of elective healthcare professionals on the Internet into a single powerful resource. Whether you have a small practice that you are trying to grow by attracting more patients from your region, or you have multiple offices throughout your state that you want to promote, DocShop provides serious medical professionals like you with a multi-faceted marketing solution.

In addition to being the first and most respected online directory of its kind, DocShop delivers:

  • Local SEO
  • Reputation Management
  • Patient Education
  • A Content Marketing Sales Funnel
  • Lead Generation
  • A Steady Stream of New Patients

Regardless of the size and scope of your current marketing strategy, DocShop will elevate it to the next level, boosting your online profile, giving you greater control over your reputation, and driving more new patients to your practice. Here's how.

AccuRate® Ratings & Reviews System

When it comes to getting your practice found for local searches, there are few factors that can have as much influence as legitimate, balanced reviews by actual patients. Einstein Medical's patent-pending AccuRate® Ratings & Reviews System gives your patients the opportunity to rate your services according to a 1-5 star scale and leave detailed reviews, sending Google strong local signals in the process. Not only will these reviews be part of your DocShop profile, but they can be integrated into your website and social media accounts, as well.

What truly distinguishes AccuRate® from other ratings and reviews systems, however, is that DocShop members have the ability to promote positive reviews while minimizing the effect of unduly and unfairly negative reviews. At a time when biased, hastily written, and often downright false reviews can cause irreversible damage to medical practices such as yours, this level of reputation management is unprecedented.

The purpose of AccuRate® is not to allow only positive reviews to appear online, of course; Google rewards clean hands above all else. However, AccuRate® will give you the chance to level the playing field by filtering out reviews that are intended primarily to damage your reputation and emphasizing the reviews of patients who have something substantial to say about your skills.

Trustworthy Patient Education & Content Sales Funnel

The patient education section of DocShop serves several purposes. On the one hand, it is a valuable information resource for prospective patients who are looking for information about dental, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, bariatric, fertility, dermatology, and other elective healthcare procedures.

However, these users are also at various stages of readiness to contact a medical professional. The content is therefore strategically written to guide users toward making that contact. And if a particular user is located near you, and you are a DocShop member who provides the service in which he or she is interested, that user will reach out to you for a consultation.

In developing content for DocShop, Einstein's writers take various audiences into account:

  • Those who are only beginning to consider undergoing a certain procedure. These users are in the research stage and might not yet be sure as to whether that procedure is right for them. They are looking for general information and need to be put at ease. Precise information about pricing, risks, and recovery is secondary to general information about what a procedure entails and the benefits it has to offer. At this stage, the more comfortable users feel, the more likely they are to read on – or, preferably, to contact a healthcare professional with more specific questions.
  • Those who have done some research and are looking for more detailed information. These users are no longer in need of basic descriptions of procedures; they are looking for specific answers to their questions, and they want them quick. They don't want to hunt for these answers or wade through redundant information that they've already encountered through their research. The easier we make it for them to find these answers, the more likely they are to read on – or, once again, to contact a healthcare professional with questions.
  • Those who are more or less ready to make contact, but want to make sure that they're asking the right questions first. Let's face it; we're all more likely to ask questions when we're confident that they're intelligent questions. People who are at this stage generally use DocShop like students use a textbook to cram minutes before a big test. They are ready, even anxious, to move on to the next step. We enable them to do so by making the content simple to scan, with helpful, strategically placed links, calls-to-action, and other means of directing them further toward the sales end of the funnel.

There are, of course, many other types of users along this continuum. However, this should give you an idea as to the thought and planning that go into leading prospective patients who come into DocShop looking for information toward contacting your medical practice.

Sophisticated Lead Generation

While DocShop has evolved into a comprehensive marketing solution, it was the first and remains the most reliable and trusted directory of elective healthcare professionals on the Internet. However, it isn't just any directory. You don't have to wait for potential patients to contact your practice. As a DocShop member, you will receive targeted leads regularly through Einstein Medical's proprietary lead capture system.

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, you will receive a steady stream of information about prospective patients, including their names, email addresses, phone numbers, and the types of procedures in which they are interested. Not only will you receive more hot leads, but your office will also be able to track them more efficiently and effectively.

What Is the Cost of Becoming a DocShop Member?

The road to creating an effective online marketing strategy for your medical practice can be confusing. Whether you can afford to include DocShop as part of your marketing strategy will depend on your answers to several important questions:

  • How competitive is your marketplace?
  • What resources are your competitors using to promote their practices?
  • How aggressive do you want to be?
  • How effective is your current marketing strategy?
  • Do you want to expand your patient base substantially over the next few years?

We Have the Answers

A complimentary consultation will map out the answers to your questions and set you on the road toward the growth you envision for your practice.

Einstein Medical

For over 20 years, Einstein Medical has been meeting the digital marketing needs of elective healthcare professionals around the world. We are constantly improving our products to stay up-to-date with the search engines, help patients find you, and increase your lead generation.

We work closely with some of the most respected medical providers in many fields, including: 

  • Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Optometry 
  • Ophthalmology 
  • Dermatology
  • Bariatric Surgery

Speak with our team of experts by calling us at (858) 459-1182. You can also send us a message online.

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