Lower Cost and Increase Practice Revenue

EinsteinApps™ is simple-to-use software that was designed for both the medical and dental industries.  Our proprietary Lucid Content Management System (CMS)™, along with our before-and-after photo gallery software, blog software, video player software, and PrePatient customer relation management (CRM) software are uniquely suited to lower your costs and increase practice revenue.

Lucid Content Management System (CMS)™ Software

Most content management systems are complex, cumbersome, and time-consuming to use. Our proprietary Lucid Content Management System™ was created to enable medical practices to update, revise, and manage their websites easily and efficiently. Imagine being able to add content on a regular basis and update information about seminars, specials, events, news, and recent cases, without having to rely on your website company. The Lucid CMS™ allows you to have complete flexibility, control, and freedom regarding your website.

Before-and-after Photo Gallery Software

Einstein's proprietary Before-and-after (B&A) Photo Gallery software gives you control over your B&A images. This software allows you and your practice to add an unlimited number of B&As to your website quickly and easily.  This software also gives you the flexibility to categorize your images and add details and information about each case, which creates new pages of SEO content inside of your website.  Prospective patients will be able to view examples of the results you have achieved, which increases the chances of conversion, particularly if used in combination with video as part of a comprehensive holistic approach.

Tracking and benchmarking our website and email prospects had become somewhat of a tedious task; however, with PrePatient™ our patient coordinators can now converse quickly and efficiently throughout their day...Response time on our emails is critical; we now build relationships immediately before [patients] even walk through the door!

Suzanne Foley, Practice Administrator

Atlantic Plastic Surgery, Portsmouth, NH


Blog Software

Einstein's proprietary Blog software allows you to easily publish and manage blogging on your practice website.  This software enables you to auto publish your blog entries to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  This unique feature allows you the most time-effective method of communicating with prospective patients.

Success Story

Clint Newman - The Power of Blogging

Blogging once a week can increase leads 400%. Read how we helped Dr. Newman.

Video Player Software

Einstein's proprietary video player software gives you the highest-quality display of your HD video productions for your practice.  This software allows the ability to write a description of each video clip, which adds pages of SEO content to your website.

PrePatient™ Customer Relation Management (CRM) Software

Einstein's proprietary PrePatient™ software allows you to manage and communicate with all prospective patients that are interested in your practice.  As practice management software allows you to more easily provide billing, collections, and scheduling for your practice, PrePatient™ CRM allows you more easily to manage and convert prospective patients.  This revolutionary software provides auto data entry when programmed to work with your existing contact form on your website.

We Make It Easy

  • Operate your practice more efficiently
  • Reach more prospective patients
  • Strengthen your online presence
  • Manage your content with ease
  • Turn leads into patients