Social Media Generates More Patient-to-Patient Referrals

What Social Media Can Do for You

The Power of Social Media

Social media has become not only beneficial, but essential to a successful online marketing campaign. Every day, thousands of prospective patients in your area are using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Developing a robust social media strategy will help to spread information about your practice and ultimately convert more patient-to-patient referrals.

Practice Growth and Social Media

Traditionally, most successful practices have generated the vast majority of their new patients from existing, satisfied patients who have spread your practice name through positive word-of-mouth testimonials. Historically, many practices have generated upwards of 90 percent of all new patients from word-of-mouth, patient-to-patient referrals. The primary role of social media is to increase the amount of patient-to-patient referrals using this amazing new platform. Patients have the ability to spread your positive results via their social media accounts in a way they never could talking to their friends and family one at a time.

Success Story

Suzanne Yee

Read how we increased
Dr. Yee's Facebook Likes
by 69%.

We Make Getting Social Easy

Einstein Medical has developed a number of sophisticated programs to help your practice develop and enhance your social media presence. We can connect your practice website to all major social media outlets and generate quality content so that you can maintain a daily presence without having to invest time that you could otherwise be using to treat your patients. We make social media easy.

Social Is Not a Fad

  • Prospective patients spend 3X as much time on Facebook than on Google, Bing, and Yahoo! combined.
  • If Facebook users were their own country, they would be the third largest country in the world, behind China and India.
  • People who are 35 or older now comprise 30 percent of Facebook's user database.

Our Social Media Solutions

Social Magnet™

Social Magnet is an app that gives healthcare professionals an exciting new way to reach out to existing and prospective patients alike via social media.  The app consists of three components: a practice overview panel that is integrated into your Facebook page; Social Stripe™, which makes it easy for patients to read and leave positive reviews of you and your practice; and a unique content stream that can be updated with new blog posts, video, patient testimonials, and other content you add to your website.  There is no better way to get social than with Social Magnet!

Social Broadcast

The foundation of a robust social media strategy is interesting, timely content that your patients find informative. The cost, time, and energy associated with creating this content is beyond the interest of most practices. This leads to inactivity on your social media sites, which results in limited patient-to-patient referrals. Our Social Broadcast posts interesting, informative content to your corporate Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts every business day. This interactive content will expand your name and brand across the social media sites, resulting in more patient-to-patient referrals.

Social Content Channels


Facebook is the most heavily trafficked website in the world. Einstein allows your practice to stay current and reach the largest base on prospective patients on the Internet. Stay ahead of your competitors by keeping your Facebook presence topical and timely.


The reputation of you, your staff, and your practice is critical to your success. LinkedIn is a professional network and a trusted one. Einstein will help you achieve an active LinkedIn presence, which implies an active and thriving business and is good for your reputation and your SEO.


Search engines depend heavily on the signals they pick up from Twitter. Feed your followers with daily stories, news links, information about specials, and more. Einstein will get in front of thousands of prospective patients and boost the effectiveness of your SEO now and in the future.

Go Social

  • Expand your Internet presence
  • Increase word-of-mouth referrals
  • Take control of your reputation
  • Supercharge your SEO
  • Reach thousands of prospective patients